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Welcome to Shop Farinellis, your source for the latest reviews and insights in the world of sports and fitness.

The Shop Farinellis brand was launched with the original intent of appealing to those who were starting out on their fitness journeys. Joining the local gym could often be an expensive experience and one that many people found rather daunting. We wanted to take the stress out of that particular situation, while ensuring that fitness could become a regular part of life for all.

We soon realised that approaches to fitness differ considerably from one person to the next. Plenty of us like the idea of getting more exercise, but it can often remain just that: an idea. Putting that idea into practice can sometimes be more complex, for a variety of reasons.

In the early days, when we would provide guidance on training regimes that could be implemented at the gym, we used to receive a lot of feedback. So many people would suggest that:

  • The training plans were great, but that they didn’t have the motivation to continue after a few weeks, or
  • They just didn’t have the time to fit exercise into their schedules

While, as proponents of exercise, we have always believed that it’s possible to make more time than it may appear, we understood these concerns. We were also interested to see that an increasing number of people were keen to exercise in the comfort of their own homes.

By exercising at home, there was the opportunity to stay in shape, but without the hassle of going to a gym. It might even be possible to save money, given typical gym membership fees. With improvements in the quality of equipment that was being made available for home users too, those choosing to exercise at home certainly needn’t be the poor relations.

But the focus on exercising at home caused additional questions to emerge. In particular, when thinking about what equipment might be needed, many prospective buyers were understandably confused by the ever-increasing range of choices. Was it worth paying a few hundred pounds more for a particular brand or model of treadmill?

Such questions led us into the world of treadmill and fitness equipment reviews. Throughout the journey here at Shop Farinellis, we’ve been keen to focus on our target audience: that means you!

So our reviews are aimed at covering the basics, pointing out the pros and cons of different pieces of equipment. If we believe that it’s not worth spending money on something, then we’ll say so. We’ve also integrated a simple scoring system, enabling you to see (at a glance) what may work best for you.

During the life of the site, our audience has changed somewhat. We’re pleased to still receive thousands of visits from enthusiastic novices. But more experienced fitness seekers also visit the still, looking for the same insights into the latest exercise equipment. With these changes, we’ve adapted the ways in which we have carried out our reviews too. We’ll often point out that a piece of equipment is ideal for one group of users but, if we’re aware of a better alternative for this specific time in your fitness journey, then we’ll try to let you know.

What about those early days when we were all about helping visitors to get a decent fitness regime in place? That remains at the heart of the Shop Farinellis experience: we still offer guidance on how best to train to meet your specific goals.

We’ve reacted, over a period of years, to the changing needs of our audience. But, in some ways, very little has changed: it’s still our priority to provide you with the best possible information and advice. We’ll continue to do so.

Thank you for visiting Shop Farinellis.

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