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Tecnovita by BH WalkTrack YFAX30 Treadmill Review

Tecnovita by BH WalkTrack YFAX30: At a Glance The WalkTrack YFAX30 is a manual treadmill with a magnetic brake, powered solely by the efforts of the user. The first question to answer is therefore: why would anyone choose to buy a manual treadmill for a price similar to that of the cheaper motorised versions? Surprisingly, there are several persuasive reasons. Advantages of the WalkTrack YFAX30 over motorised treadmills As its name suggests, the WalkTrack is designed for users who wish to walk. Runners should consider a motorised treadmill, or at least a manual treadmill with a curved track for extra stability. There are, however, many potential users who wish to train by walking: possibly those who are new to exercise, elderly, recovering from health problems, or who suffer from wear and tear of the joints. Others will simply prefer walking to running! For any of these groups, the WalkTrack offers some powerful advantages. Perhaps most importantly, the WalkTrack offers a more demanding walking workout than a motorised treadmill. The user will find that the same speed of walk will raise their heart rate more on a WalkTrack, simply because they are moving the belt themselves without any electrical assistance. Due to the lack of a motor, the WalkTrack is lightweight and [...]

Bodyfit Motorised Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine Review

Bodyfit Motorised Electric Treadmill: At a Glance Are you eager to do regular running and power working exercise but don't want to go out in the wet weather or head to a packed gym? Would you much rather be able to do a high-intensive cardiovascular workout in the privacy of your own home? If space and time are an issue for you when it comes to exercise, this lightweight portable (foldable) treadmill from Bodyfit is a perfect solution. It provides all the features and functions of a health club treadmill, in a compact package that folds up for easy storage and plugs into a regular wall outlet. Different Levels of Resistance and Duration to Choose From Make radical positive changes in your cardiovascular health and enjoy a greater range of movement thanks with strengthened joints, a leaner frame and increased flexibility with this 500 watt motorized folding treadmill from Electric Body. It may be the case that you have not done any serious exercise in many years. If that is the case, now is the time to start! Still, you're going to want to start off of slowly if There are various automatic programs to choose from: from easy to intermediate and then more difficult settings for those with a higher fitness [...]

Fitness Club Folding Manual Treadmill Walking Machine

Fitness Club Folding Manual Treadmill Walking Machine: At a Glance Exercise is an integral part of any healthy person. Exercise can include walking, running, lifting weights and jogging. Everyone has a desire to keep fit without having to inconvenience themselves. Most exercise machines are expensive, heavy and large hence not everyone can buy or store them. The Fitness Club Folding Manual Treadmill Walking Machine solves all those problems. It is convenient for fitness enthusiasts because it allows for home use. The treadmill measures 115cm by 53cm by 105cm. It can accommodate a weight of up to 150 kg with a maximum inclination of 10 per cent. The machine is foldable, and this allows you to store it in small spaces. If you don’t have a lot of room for the storage of your treadmill, this equipment will greatly help you. Working out is even possible from any place because the machine has wheels which allow for more comfortable transportation from one place to another. The Fitness Club Folding Manual Treadmill Walking Machine also has an easy to read LED display that enables easier vision and reading of writings during exercise. Pros of the Fitness Club Folding Manual Treadmill Walking Machine Here are some advantages of the Fitness Club [...]

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine Review

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill: At a Glance The Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill provides you with an unbeatable cardio workout at an affordable price. You can now work out from home and not worry about gym memberships. The machine has a slight incline that enables you to achieve meaningful workout sessions each day. It has an easy to see a display that shows you the calories you’ve burned as well as how long you have been working out. This manual has no motor thus allowing you to work hard and achieve your fitness goals. Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill is an affordable machine that gives you value for your money. Features  This machine has features that boost your cardio workout sessions. Because it supports up to 220lbs, it can also be used to lose weight. • 8 Levels of Adjustment The adjustable magnetic resistance allows the user to enhance the intensity of workout they want to get from a session. Since the machine does not come with a motor, you have to pull the belt with your feet. This enables you to put in more work and achieve more. The quiet and smooth magnetic resistance is a unique addition that helps you add value to your workout [...]

F4H Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine Review

F4H Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine: At a Glance For those new to working out or are recovering from certain illnesses, the F4H Rapid JK1603 Folding Treadmill provides the perfect solution. The specification and impact is less intensive than higher powered models and is good for building up an exercise regime gradually at a slower pace, or for those who need gentle exercise as rehabilitation. SPECIFICATION The model has a speed of 1-10 km/h, and the motor power is 0.75HP and it has a handy LCD display that gives distance, time, calculation of speed and heart rate and can be auto-programmed. The belt size is 2300 x 340 x 1.4 mm, and there is a running area size of 1100 x 340 mm, and the treadmill is made primarily from steel tubes, plastic ABS and PVC belt. There is a 3 level incline that is adjusted manually, and you can store water in the convenient bottle holder, and the machine also has sensors for hand pulse and an emergency stop key. The JK1603 packs away to a fold size of 630 x 630 x 1290 mm, and fully extended the size is 1335 x 640 x 1125 mm. ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE Reviews of the treadmill [...]

F4H Motorised Folding Treadmill ES-A103 Review

F4H Motorised Folding Treadmill: At a Glance The F4H Motorised Folding Treadmill is the ultimate treadmill for those of you looking for encouragement to keep active and fit, looks stylish and a design that is truly unique. With its bright yellow features and useful additions, it's easy to see why it's a favorite with customers. This treadmill is foldable, meaning easier storage and when it is in use, the F4H can be locked into position safely with a locking nut. This ensures that when you're training, the treadmill is secure to use. It's also worth mentioning that the treadmill has wheels on the bottom, meaning it can be moved easily to a different location if needed. The frame of the F4H is made from solid, sturdy steel, which allows users to use this product with confidence and that it will last a long time. It's a very well-made product. The fitness benefits include pulse sensors that can measure your heart rate whilst training. These are located on the handles of the F4H so that the pulse rate feature doesn't have an impact on your training. As well as providing a live reading, you can even adjust the speed of the treadmill by the handles which ranges from 0.8KM/H [...]

The Importance of the Warm-Up

So, your new piece of fitness equipment has arrived. It looked fantastic in the box, just as you had hoped. You’ve added the finishing touches and ensured that it’s stable. You’ve positioned it just where you wanted it, read the manual and you’re ready to go! But, what one minute! Before leaping on to your brand new treadmill, there’s a critical step that you simply can’t ignore: you need to warm-up. The warm-up is an important and yet often under-estimated element of any exercise event. It not only helps to protect you from injury but can also increase the effectiveness of your session. Let’s take a closer look at why a great warm-up really matters: What does warming-up mean? We’ll all probably familiar with the phrase warming-up, but what is a warm-up exactly? Put very simply, it’s a pre-session, to be undertaken prior to your main activity. During the warm-up, you’ll carry out some stretching exercises and some very light cardiovascular activity. Precisely what should I do? There are a number of exercises that are well suited to your warm-up routine. Fundamentally, you have two main aims: You are gearing up your muscles, getting them ready for the exercise routine that is to follow. By stretching your muscles, you warm them up, preparing them for [...]

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill Review

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill: At a Glance Establishing a good workout routine is important to living a healthy lifestyle; unfortunately, going to the gym and using their latest equipment is not always an option, and jogging in the rain or frigid temperatures in the winter is not as appealing as it sounds. Thankfully, the JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill provides a solution to these simple everyday problems, allowing you to continue your exercise routine uninterrupted. Advantages and Benefits of Using the JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill The JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill is equipped with the latest technology and it is easy to use. It comes with a user manual that is very informative and will permit you to set up everything from putting the machine together to how to use its unique features and programs effectively. After you have constructed the treadmill, using it is pretty much straightforward. You are guaranteed 2 years parts and labor warranty and 5 years motor cover along with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. This means that if you need to replace any parts, components, or even the motor, you are fully covered during the indicated time frame and the company will accommodate you accordingly. Still, the overall quality of [...]

XM-PROIII Treadmill Review

XM-PROIII: At a Glance Why choose the XM-PROIII 2018? It's been featured in Women's Fitness and Health & Fitness and ranked as UK's leading professional home treadmill. However, is it just an upgrade from 2017's model? To find out, we'll look over its specs, new features, and benefits as well as test its overall performance. Design Although it's lightweight, weighing about 28 kg, the new XM-PRO III model integrates a strong construction, which makes it suitable for a large range of users. The excellent compact design including a quick release adjuster and wheels allows you to fold the unit up and put it away until your next fitness session. You'll enjoy the same perks you would at the gym. The 3-level manual incline improves your workout results by increasing the number of calories you burn during a session. If you want to feel as though your power walking through the park, you can choose the zero-incline level and set the speed to 2 km/h. However, if you're looking for a high-intensity workout, you should choose the 3rd level incline and set the speed to around 4-5 km/h. The tougher your workout is, the more calories you burn. The XM-PRO III makes sure you stay safe and healthy by [...]

ProForm 705 CST Treadmill Review

ProForm 705 CST: At a Glance ProForm are makers of an array of fitness equipment such as bikes, and elliptical machines, but treadmills are by far the top selling item in their range. From their treadmill lineup, the ProForm 705 CST is one of the most popular and is definitely one of their most technologically advanced and has a myriad of options. The 705 CST is a mid-level treadmill that has been designed for use at home rather than a commercial gym. The first models have been around since 2010 but ProForm have released several updates since then such as widening the belt and changing the program system and we will try to take a look at all of its features here in this review. Training Options and Programs The older ProForm 705 CST's give the user sixteen different programs for working out while the newer models have been expanded to offer twenty two preset programs for working out. These programs include things like endurance, weight loss, speed and interval training, and burning calorie training modes. All are easy to find and select using the touch button panel. One nice feature is that that the treadmill interacts with Google Maps and iFit which means you can download a [...]

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