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Treadmill Sprint Workouts

Treadmills are excellent innovations which ensure that whatever our training needs and the weather conditions outside we can still do our training. The problem, the individual is faced with is the plethora of different treadmill machines available in the UK, making it difficult to decide which one would serve your needs the best. In the article, we will look at a number of leading treadmill manufacturers and the different machines available for sprint workouts in the UK. Sprint training on treadmills will be discussed and the required features to look for before deciding on a running machine that will allow you to do optimum sprint training. Benefits of Sprint workouts and different types of training. Different training regimes are constantly being developed and thanks to fitness programs like CrossFit, the use of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) became very popular worldwide. The purpose of sprint training is to develop your body’s anaerobic ability, which will enable the body to provide energy for the times when you need to perform work at a higher pace and level than what the aerobic system can provide. Sprint training ensures that the body gets a workout that enhances muscle-building and cardiovascular development. There are different types of sprint training like Fartlek, Tabata and HIIT which are all based on the [...]

How Folding Treadmills Work

If you are looking to buy a treadmill for use in your house, you would most likely be considering a folding treadmill, for its storage requirements are minimal. Also called foldable, fold-away or fold-up treadmill, these treadmills are not just easy to store. There are quite a few other reasons why folding treadmills are becoming popular. Keep reading to learn how a folding treadmill works and things to consider when you are out there to buy one. How Does a Folding Treadmill Work? A folding treadmill, as the name indicates, folds. They typically have features such as a security lock, which helps the treadmill remain put when it’s folded. A folding treadmill’s running deck swivels up and locks in place, so that the treadmill remains folded while not being used. These treadmills are also equipped with wheels, which makes them moving around in a room or between rooms quick and easy. Also, a foldable treadmill works just like a standard treadmill, except for their folding nature. A general misconception about these treadmills is they would not function properly when laid down and working. This, however, is not true. Advantages The following are reasons why you should consider a foldable treadmill over a regular one: • Space-savings: If space is limited or your home gym is [...]

The Best Fold Away Treadmills in the UK

Owning a home treadmill is a good thing since it becomes much easier to workout whenever you have a few minutes off your schedule. Being able to exercise often will lead to a wide range of health benefits such as improved metabolism, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular fitness. However, the biggest disadvantage of purchasing a home treadmill is that it can take up a lot of space in your home leaving you confused. Some treadmills aren't also easy to move around which makes things even more complicated. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and that is getting a folding manual or motorised treadmill. This means that you can easily fold it whenever you aren't using it and keep it away. When it is time to workout, you can easily unfold it in a strategic place where you want to conduct your exercise. One thing that you need keep in mind when acquiring a folding home treadmill is that not all of them fold away in the same manner. What I mean is that the more expensive treadmills tend to be longer and feature a wider running area and bigger LCDs. This means that they may still need more space for storage even when they are fully folded. Some manufacturers are also better than [...]

Fold Up Treadmills: Buying Guide

Many people like working out at home. It allows you to exercise at your own pace and without any distraction. Also, you don’t have to share the equipment with anyone, meaning there are no waiting times. Buying your own gym equipment can also be considered an investment that will pay for itself. With your own machines, you will not need to pay high gym fees, and in the long run, you will have saved some money. If you want to exercise at home but do not have sufficient space, you can consider buying fold up treadmills. These machines can be folded when not in use. This can allow you to store them in a very small space. Even though you want to save space, you should not necessarily go for a small machine. Make sure the device is suitable for your weight and height first. Also, you should check the stability of the equipment. As a general rule, cheaper machines have more flimsy frames. That being said, you should always select a machine that fits your budget. Here are six of the best fold up treadmills on the market: 1. JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill  The JLL S300 is among the highest rated treadmills in the United Kingdom. It is designed with a slightly larger-than-average [...]

Top 6 Treadmills For Home

A treadmill is a popular piece of home exercise equipment for several reasons. It's convenient to have a workout option at home so that you can fit in a session whenever it's possible. Running or walking on your treadmill is a healthy way to burn calories and work the muscles throughout your body, something that is linked to better health and a lower risk of many health problems, from obesity to heart disease. With so many treadmills on the market, it can often be difficult to choose the right one for you. It's important to avoid buying the first one you look at. Instead, spend some time exploring your options so you're sure you're getting what you want and need from your treadmill. You can spend a lot or not quite so much and there are quite a few features and perks to think about as you shop. Online shopping is a great way to look at reviews and ratings for a particular model, but shopping in store is also helpful as you can talk to the staff about the choices you have. Knowing which treadmills are the most highly ranked gives you a great place to start. You'll know which products other users are happy with and won't have to waste time looking at [...]

The Best Incline Treadmills in the UK

Treadmills are great inventions that have enabled us to maintain our exercise routines indoors, away from the elements and bad weather. They have proven quite effective in burning calories, enhancing cardiovascular function and toning muscles. However, science has proven that working out on a conventional treadmill isn’t quite similar to running outdoors. As much as it simulates the feel and mechanics involved in real running, variables such as wind speed, air resistance, and terrain are hard to create. In addition, with a regular treadmill, you basically try to keep up with the motion and speed of the machine. Running outside, on the other hand, involves using effort to push your body weight forward. Incline trainers, which mimic the gradient of different terrains to provide a challenge as an outdoor environment would. They seek to compensate for the aforementioned variables by providing more resistance through a steeper gradient. Generally, a 2% gradient is what’s necessary to achieve the optimum outdoor condition on a treadmill. So, most incline treadmills come with incline settings ranging from 1% to 12% to offer an even better challenge for better and quicker results. Some high-end options can even go as high as 40% for intense hill-climb-like workouts. Others also offer decline options to mimic a downhill running experience. All these factors [...]

The Best Slim Treadmills For The Home

With tight schedules and the ever-changing weather conditions, going to the gym might not always be a convenient move. However, there is a need to keep fit, maintain low levels of calories and burn out fat. Having a solution to help you keep fit and maintain your schedules at the same time is a necessity. Owning a treadmill at home is the perfect solution, it will save you the time consumed to visit a gym. Treadmills offer you workouts in equal measure as gyms. Here is a list of the best treadmills to use at home. Best Slim Treadmills for Home Use  Reebok ZR8 Treadmill  This is Reebok’s second version of the Z8 Run treadmill. It has improved features to make it more convenient for users. Key features and Specifications  • Maximum user weight of 120kg. • 2.0HP power-motor with a speed range of 1-16km/h (10mph). • 12 electronic incline levels. • 41×126cm running deck with advanced cushioning. • 24 fitness programs with 7-user options. • Integrated hand pulse sensor. • Integrated speakers and 3 LED windows. • 165×74×143cm length, width, and height measurements when in use. • Folding mechanism. 102×74×143cm length, width, and height measurements when folded. • Profile function for speed, pulse, distance, calories burned, chart, and inclination. • 2-years labour and parts [...]

Choosing an Electric Treadmill

The treadmill has become the favoured piece of exercise equipment for people of all ages who want to be fit and healthy. A younger enthusiast uses it to maintain muscle tone and energy for the years ahead. An older user who is often well into his or her retirement, finds daily treadmill exercise invaluable in preventing stiff joints and retaining useful mobility particularly after surgery. And many a dieter has discovered that walking on one for a few hours each day is the most effective strategy for reducing weight that ultimately stays lost. Why choose an Electric Treadmill? Manual and electric treadmills achieve the same goals but in very different ways. The less expensive manual treadmill requires you to physically turn the running deck with your feet as you push against the handlebars. The effort involved places an increased pressure on hip and knee joints. An electric treadmill is much easier to use as it turns the deck for you enabling you to walk or run with a natural posture. The handrails provide reassuring stability for those who need extra support and sometimes contain controls that are easy to reach. Even the most basic electric treadmill operates at variable speeds offering variety and challenge. How to choose an Electric Treadmill There is a huge choice [...]

Top 5 Curved Treadmills

There have been more videos of trainers and fitness enthusiasts using curved treadmills in recent years. At a glance, one would think that a curved treadmill is a novelty device that keeps users from falling backwards. While it has not been around for long, the curved treadmill offers significant benefits over traditional treadmills. For starters, they don’t require electricity to run. They are a welcome investment for a business that operates multiple treadmills. Another benefit of curved treadmills is that they force users to run on the balls of their feet. This is a more natural style of running and offers the best results. Curved treadmills also allow users to work on their speed training while reducing minimising ground reaction forces on the ligaments and joints. But before we get carried away, let take a closer look at the top 5 curved treadmills available on the market. 1. Origin SpeedFit Curved Treadmill Coming first on our list is the Origin SpeedFit Curved Treadmill, which offers an innovative solution to running. Users are able to burn fat and calories more efficiently and faster. Its design is based on the same concept used in sprinter training for a 100m, 200m and 400m dash. You can easily land on the balls of your feet, thus pushing your body [...]

The 6 Best Folding Treadmills

A treadmill can be used to do a variety of exercises to keep you fit, prepare you for a marathon, or even if you want to lose weight. You can do this either at home or in a gym. With the emergence of folding treadmills, having a treadmill in your own house has become a reality because you can just clear a small space then lay out your treadmill and exercise. Afterwards, you can fold it back up and store it away. Below are the top 6 foldable treadmills available in the UK: 1. Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Soft Drop System Treadmill  This is currently the top-ranked treadmill in the United Kingdom with a 4.8 rating out of 5. It has a retailing price range of £800.00 to £1,495. The machine is the ultimate mid-range treadmill that is suitable for everyone from beginners to elite and experienced athletes. The treadmill comes with a powerful 6.5 HP motor and a perfectly sizable running area measuring 140 cm by 48 cm. The treadmill can achieve a starting speed of 0.4 km/h and is able to reach a top speed of 21 km/h. At high speed, even an experienced runner’s joints are bound to feel the effect of the vibrations from the deck. The Branx comes [...]

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