Branx Fitness Treadmill Reviews

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Branx Fitness have interesting positioning within the marketplace, providing fitness machines both to end users and trade customers. In terms of brand values, they like to focus on dual areas of authenticity and integrity.

Prior to making individual products available to retailers (and ultimately to consumers), Branx Fitness carry out a detailed process of product selection, manufacturing and testing. This process is designed to ensure that the end consumer find themselves in possession of a high quality treadmill, which is properly designed for its task and able to last for years to come.

There are a number of factors to remember when considering a Branx Fitness treadmill:

  • As standard, the manufacturer has offered a two year warranty period. Check with your chosen retailer that this is still the case to ensure that you have the peace of mind that this brings
  • The warranty should cover both parts and any required on-site labour
  • They offer a no hassle, no questions asked refund policy. As with the warranty, it’s good to check on the terms of this prior to making a purchase
  • Various models can be supplied with either AC or DC motors
  • As with the majority of treadmill models, their range are not certified for use with pacemakers
  • If ordering direct from Branx Fitness, assembly of the product is not included. Check whether your chosen retailer provides this as a separate service