Commercial Treadmills Versus Home Treadmills

Walking, jogging, and running are some of the best cardio exercises that can help anyone keep fit. With the busy schedules that people have, it can be challenging to find time to go to the gym or sports centre or a workout. Having a treadmill at home is an easy way to make exercising convenient to add to your daily routine. You may be among many people who are looking or a way to achieve their fitness goals by investing in a treadmill. It can be a big decision to buy a home treadmill, so here are a few pointers on how to choose the right one.

Commercial treadmills versus home treadmills

Treadmills can fall widely into two classifications, namely commercial and home treadmills. Consumers have a hard time choosing a home treadmill versus a commercial treadmill, but each has its advantages depending on your level of training. Commercial treadmills have more options for the degree of difficulty in the inclination setting. The commercial ones have a powerful motor of between 4HP and 7HP or more. The engine in modern designs is quiet, with most being below 70 decibels. The running speed for the commercial treadmills can go over 20 Km/h. You can buy a commercial treadmill if you are looking to train for a marathon or run frequently. The treadmills are suitable for elite runners and athletes who want to prepare hard daily.

Home treadmills are suitable for personal uses, so you do not have to invest in a highly technical machine. Home treadmills are made for walking, jogging, or running. The motors on the devices have the power of 1.5HP to 3HP and support running speeds of up to 10Km/h. The engine is silent in all the modern machines, and it is durable. Most home treadmills are foldable for storage, which saves a lot of space. You can take the treadmill out and set it up whenever you feel like working out. Also, the machines are lighter in comparison to the commercial one making them portable from one location to another with the help of wheels.

Features that make treadmills great for fitness

Entertainment console and running programs

Treadmills come with an entertainment console that allows you to connect your devices while working out. You can watch TV, movies, read the news, listen to music or podcasts while you workout. The quiet motor allows you to hear whatever you are listening. The console also has preset running programs that you can use for your workouts. You can find a plan that suits you and your fitness targets. Most entertainment consoles can support Bluetooth and can connect to a wide range of devices.

Heart rate monitoring

It is essential to understand your workout levels and the progress in your fitness journey. You need to work out at an optimum heart rate to enjoy the maximum benefits of running. A heart rate monitor is an easy way to monitor your stamina and endurance over a long time. It is also an excellent way to keep in check or people with heart conditions who still want to work out.
Premium running belt

A premium running belt makes walking or running on a treadmill comfortable and lowers the impacts on your joints. Some belts have layers in them to efficiently absorb shock, offer grip, and last for a long time. Running is a high impact activity that can cause pain in your ankle, hips, and knee joints. It can also lead to fractures during strenuous workouts, and that is why the best manufacturers make a point to make a great running belt.

Manufacturers of home treadmills


FIT4HOME is a reputable manufacturing company that has a great home workout machine. The FIT4HOME SSJK-06 X-LITE II treadmill can support 110kgs, and it weighs 28kgs, making it suitable for the home environment. The device is an excellent start for beginners looking to start their fitness journey. The machines have a practical design that allows you to unfold it when you need to work out and fold it for storage. There is an easy to use console that has three quick-start buttons, 12 preset programs, and heart rate sensors. The maximum speed is 12km/h, but there is an extra slow speed of 0.8km/h for recovery during training. The controls are conveniently on the handles or easy controls of speed and inclination during the workout.

The Finether home treadmill is the perfect home workout machine. The treadmill can support a capacity of 100kgs, and it weighs a mere 23.5kg. It has a compact foldable design that is perfect for a home with little storage space. The lightweight of the machine makes it easy for one person to set it up or a workout session. The maximum speed is 10km/h and has three inclination levels that are friendly to the joints. You get a display that shows your stats in real time including the heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories burnt. The sleek design of the machine is long lasting, offer a comfortable running experience, and comes with a three-year warranty.

Branx Fitness

The Branx Fitness ‘Elite Run Pro’ treadmill is a midrange treadmill that is suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit or train or running. The treadmill is ideal for home workouts with 21 programs, a maximum speed of 21km/h and 22 levels of inclination. The quality treadmill is a masterpiece that offers flexibility, style, and it has a 5-year warranty on the frame and motor. You can change your speed with a one-touch button, and the treadmill is foldable for storage purposes.