Confidence Fitness Treadmill Reviews

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Confidence is a brand which features equipment of various types. You can find sports equipment, fitness equipment, camping equipment and even pet care equipment. As you can understand, that focus is quite broad. It also features a line of clothing. Regarding sports and fitness equipment, it offers a range of fitness treadmills.

This can be seen on Amazon US and Amazon UK. This range of treadmills appears to have models at various price levels and can suit different budgets and standards of requirement. Certain removable equipment add-ons are available separately. Whether you require a manual treadmill or a an advanced power walker, you’ll probably find a product to meet your needs within this brand. You can do some searching on Amazon to see which model best suits your requirements. You can explore on the Amazon sites, which can bring your shopping needs to your fingertips. Take a look around.

The Range of Confidence Fitness Treadmills

The Amazon UK site features the ‘Confidence’ brand treadmills. All the different treadmill models are competitively priced. Obviously, anyone who’s on a tight budget will prefer the lower-priced models. Anyone who is determined to improve their fitness levels significantly and who has some extra cash will be able to consider the more highly priced models. Anyone who is looking for a more interesting exercise programme can choose their treadmill based on the features they consider most important.

  • Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine: According to the product descriptions, this is reasonably priced, at £109.99 to £118.99. It is noiseless, has a smooth incline and eight different power levels. The machine includes a small computer screen which provides all the statistics you need to check your progress accurately. According to feedback, it’s compact enough to carry around and easy to store. It’s also easy to assemble. One should keep in mind that a battery needs to be inserted. According to feedback, the treadmill works smoothly. It’s independent of your electricity supply. It is suitable for users up to weighing up to 100 kgs (that’s approximately 220 lbs or fifteen stone, for those who prefer to refer to weight according to the traditional system). Purchasing a mat adds to the cost and getting expert assembly also augments the price.
  • Confidence Fitness Power Walker Motorised Electric Treadmill Walking Machine: This is quite a flexible piece of equipment. The product description tells us that it has the versatility to be a manual walker or an automatic walker, depending on the user’s preference. It can be set to various speeds, from 1 km per hour up to 6 km per hour. The product description also includes the information that the machine is good for users up to 90 kgs in weight (that’s 198 lbs for those interested to know). There is an LCD viewer for the user to see the statistics and track their progress. The machine is quite compact and can be folded up conveniently for easy storage.
  • Confidence Fitness TP-1 Electric Treadmill Folding Motorized Running Machine: The product description informs us that this running machine works on full power and has twelve programmes. It has a powerful motor and provides for users up to 110 kgs (which is 242 lbs approximately according to traditional metrics).For those who are not restricted by budget and who require a more intensive exercise programme, this is a good choice. The price tag for this model reads £194.99, which is obviously more expensive than the models we have already viewed. A one-year warranty applies. Keeping track of your progress is easy thanks to the large backlit LCD display on the machine. Getting assembly help will add to the cost of this model, which is also available in several different colours.
  • Confidence Fitness TP-1 Electric Treadmill Folding Motorised Running Machine – Pink: This machine is exactly the same as the previous model in all respects, except for the fact that its colour is pink. The same power, the same features and the same design. As expected, the price is the same too. Some treadmill users prefer what they consider to be a more interesting colour for their equipment rather than basic black. The model is attractive in appearance as well as being a powerful piece of fitness training equipment.
  • Confidence TP-2 Electric Treadmill Folding Motorized Running Machine: This is by far the most powerful running machine from Confidence. The running speeds can easily be adjusted from 1 km per hour to 10 km per hour. There are 16 preset programmes. These can provide variations in the workout to keep the user interested and stimulated. There are several different inclines available for the machine. All the statistics of the workout are available on a fine, backlit LCD screen. The price tag reads £229.99, which makes this the most highly priced Confidence Fitness Treadmill in the range. This is a powerful machine which will enhance the fitness levels to the maximum.

Power of the Brand

As observed earlier, the Confidence brand is quite diverse. It covers a varied range of products. It has an obvious commitment to quality and value for money. The company appears to be located in the northern hemisphere as the goods are available on Amazon UK and USA. Quality and affordability seem to be the driving forces of this brand.