F4H Best Value Treadmill JK01 Review

F4H Best Value Treadmill JK01: At a Glance

Functionality: (4.4 / 5)
Ease of Use: (4.4 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.0 / 5)

Treadmill JK01 is a suitable choice for a new exercise routine. Many people like walking to achieve their fitness goals, and that further makes it a great workout machine. With this treadmill, endurance and strength can be developed fast, especially if you are able to stick to your plan. You can decide to jog or have interval training with this treadmill.

Treadmill JK01 is a well-built machine that has 8 built-in programs and an 8km/hour top speed. It is also foldable. The machine has one horsepower direct current motor with low noise. It also has an LCD display that shows time, speed and distance when you are working out. The treadmill is designed with a spacious deck or running surface of 1100mm by 350mm. It has mobility wheels and accommodates a maximum user weight of 100kg.

Advantages of Treadmill JK01 

• It is easy to store – The machine can be folded after use, and that will require a smaller storage space.

• Allows you to track key aspects of your workout – By looking at the console as you work out. The console updates you on your time, distance, pulse, calories, and speed.

• It is versatile – Treadmill JK01 has a variety of exercises for you as a user. You can use it for a full body workout.

• It is not burdensome – It weighs 25kgs which makes it easier to move from one room to another.

• Quality guarantee- Treadmill JK01 has a one-year warranty and a lifetime motor-warranty from the manufacturer.

• Mobility- It is mobile since its wheels are attached at the base.

• The accompaniments- It has drink holders and music of your choice while you are working out to make you comfortable.

• It is user-friendly- Treadmill JK01 is very easy to use. It has a deck that is user-friendly and minimizes the risk of tripping over when walking or jogging on it.

• It is highly effective- On Treadmill JK01, you burn calories faster than biking and other in-house exercises.

• Convenience – If the weather outside is bad, then treadmill JKO1 will come in handy. You do not have to break your workout regime because you will just set it up indoors and continue with your work out.

• Safety- The body adapts itself to the speed of the exercise so as to reap the maximum health benefits of the workout.

Disadvantages of Using Treadmill JK01 

• It is expensive- A new treadmill JK01 costs around 140 pounds, meaning many people cannot afford it.

• Surface- It has a cushioned surface that may have a negative impact on the ankle joints, hip, knee and the back. It is, therefore, important to test the surface before buying it.

• Maintenance cost- Since the treadmill JK01 has a motorised and a computerised program, maintenance can only be carried out by a professional, and this is a costly undertaking.

• Limitation -Treadmill JK01 exercise, is limited to either running or walking. The routine can get boring over time.

Treadmill Levels

Treadmill JK01 offers you a great treadmill workout. You can start as a beginner and with more exercise, advance. Treadmill JK01 helps you mimic running up and down hills or ascending a mountain.

• Getting started – as a beginner, you can try the 40-minute workout. It is an exercise that combines walking and running. By walking and running, your heart rate goes up which prepares your body for speed and distance. And since Treadmill JK01 has an adjustable program, adjust the speed if you feel the work out is hard or easy. In meantime, allow your body time so as to acclimatize to the demands of the workout.

• Woggle Workout – The moment your body is calm on the Treadmill JK01 engage a wogging workout. It is a 60-minute workout substitute between walking quickly, jogging, and then running at a slower pace. It is tailored to burn 300 calories of your body.

• Pyramid Intervals – It is an exercise that helps remove boredom from you. It involves changing your running after every minute and helps fight against weight gain in you.

• The 500-Calorie Workout – Try and create some 40 minutes in your daily program for five days and engage in this high-interval Treadmill JK01 exercise. It will help you lose 500 calories and above. It combines some woggle workouts and pyramid intervals exercise.

• Rolling Hills – It involves doing some incline variations and running flats on your Treadmill JK01 to create some breeze in your body.

• Go For a Hike – It is an exercise that will help you to mimic an outdoor exercise. It is a 45-minute work out that combines walking and jogging up steep inclines. It will help work your booty and strengthen your quads.

• Graduate to a Mountain – After graduating from the workouts above, you can now try a mountain ascent on your Treadmill JK01. It is a workout that combines an abrupt walking speed and some steep inclines.

• Add Leg Work- It is a workout that allows you to go at a relaxed pace while combining it with lunges, pliés and squats.


The Treadmill JK01 is designed to bring out the best out of you during workouts. In such workouts, the challenge is to increase testosterone levels in the body so as to burn the excess fats. A great amount of testosterone in the body will help you get the desired lean body. When this cardiovascular exercise is sustained through a training program on treadmill JK01, high levels of fat oxidization are triggered off in the body. The benefits of this machine will justify your investment.

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Pros and Cons

  • Ease of storage

  • Lightweight design

  • Wheels allow for mobility

  • User-friendly

  • Cushioned surface only

  • Limited range of settings

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