F4H Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine Review

F4H Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine: At a Glance

Functionality: (3.8 / 5)
Ease of Use: (4.2 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.2 / 5)

For those new to working out or are recovering from certain illnesses, the F4H Rapid JK1603 Folding Treadmill provides the perfect solution. The specification and impact is less intensive than higher powered models and is good for building up an exercise regime gradually at a slower pace, or for those who need gentle exercise as rehabilitation.


The model has a speed of 1-10 km/h, and the motor power is 0.75HP and it has a handy LCD display that gives distance, time, calculation of speed and heart rate and can be auto-programmed. The belt size is 2300 x 340 x 1.4 mm, and there is a running area size of 1100 x 340 mm, and the treadmill is made primarily from steel tubes, plastic ABS and PVC belt. There is a 3 level incline that is adjusted manually, and you can store water in the convenient bottle holder, and the machine also has sensors for hand pulse and an emergency stop key. The JK1603 packs away to a fold size of 630 x 630 x 1290 mm, and fully extended the size is 1335 x 640 x 1125 mm.


Reviews of the treadmill have been very positive for those wanting more gentle bouts of exercise. In addition, there have been very favourable reports from those who are older and people with medical conditions who want to get fitter but need something not too demanding to start off with.

For the price of under £200, the folding treadmill offers some good additional features such as the emergency key option, pulse sensors and drink holder. However, the manufacturers inform customers that the pulse function works most effectively when walking, but for those seeking mild levels of exercise this should not be a problem.


The treadmill is easy to assemble and pack away and won’t be too bulky in most homes with a bit of space to spare, and is good for starter exercise or those who may have been ill and want to begin getting back into condition gradually. The extra features make it good for the price as the designers have not scrimped by keeping to the very basic features but have added additional, useful extras.

On the downside, some people who do want to build up more fitness may find the treadmill limiting after a while and may want more vigorous workouts, and some parts have been reported to be not as durable as other more expensive models.

However, for the price and considering the spectrum of reviews, as long as potential buyers research the features and reviews of the treadmill and consider their specific reasons for purchase they will not be disappointed and will definitely be getting value for money.


Reviews have been largely positive but some have stipulated that the machine may be too small for very tall people of over 6ft so this may be something to consider when assessing whether the machine is right for your needs. Many people who can’t get out have commented on how useful the treadmill is, and there have also been comments about it being particularly useful in bad weather as a means of exercise when it is difficult to get out and about. One of the benefits for a number of reviewer has been the ease with which it can be put together or folded away and that it is also portable in terms of moving it around to different parts of the house. Reviewers who had some medical conditions such as COPD reported that the JK1603 had been very beneficial in increasing lung capacity, and that the machine was quiet when in operation – so not too much noise disturbance for surrounding areas. Other customers were delighted to gradually see their strength and fitness improve over the course of using the exercise machine.


Therefore, for those thinking of purchasing this exercise machine there are a range of benefits to be gained, from building up fitness from scratch to slowly recuperating from certain medical conditions. However, those in any doubt as to whether they should use it because of prior medical conditions should always check with a doctor first. In addition, the treadmill is good for indoor exercising particularly during those dark, winter months when it is difficult to get out, or for those who find it a challenge to go outdoors. For the price and value for money the F4H Rapid JK1603 Folding Treadmill has a lot to recommend it for those looking for a good quality fitness machine for initiating a gentle fitness regime.

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Pros and Cons

  • Easy assembly and storage

  • Good starter treadmill

  • Emergency key option

  • 3 level incline

  • Few reports of durability issues

  • May not test most advanced users

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