Finding the Perfect Foldable Treadmill

Going to the gym regularly can be expensive, and walking/running outdoors can be inconvenient due to factors out of your control such as weather. If you’re looking to get those miles in without paying for a gym membership or getting soaked in the oh-so-regular UK rain, a home treadmill could be just the thing. Of course, we don’t all have space in our homes for large pieces of exercise equipment, so something fairly compact and foldable is ideal for many of us. In recent years, a vast amount of foldable home treadmills have become available, with many advantages, such as:-

-Easy to assemble and store when not in use
-Compatible with modern technology like smartphones and Bluetooth
-Quiet operation when in use

In this post, we’re going to look at 6 of the best foldable treadmills available in the UK right now. All of these are available to buy online. So without further ado….

Sportstech F10

Key features: 13 programs, smartphone app control, Bluetooth, pulse belt worth almost £30 included.

We start with an offering from German brand Sportstech. At £269, it sits around the mid-range of home-friendly foldable treadmills. It boasts plenty of modern features, such as smartphone app control, bluetooth, drinks holder (we all know how important it is to stay hydrated while putting the miles in) and a slick LCD display. According to its description and the reviews of its buyers, assembling it is a breeze and thanks to its quick-fold system, it can be clipped up and stowed away in one simple movement. Its incline goes up to 18 degrees, its noise level when in operation is a home-friendly 68db or so and it has a multi-layered running surface which is kind to knees and joints.

JLL T350

Key features: 20 preset running programs with the ability to create your own, 20-level incline, 16-point cushioning, fold + drop system, premium running belt.

This one is the most expensive on our list but boasts high-level functionality, design and customisation. It offers pretty much everything you could ever want in a home treadmill, with 5-star reviews almost across the board. If you’re looking for a professional piece of equipment to invest in, you can’t go wrong here. Its LCD display is top quality and offers adjustable brightness. You can choose from 20 programs, or alternatively, you can create a tailored one to fit your needs. Speed-changing can be done smoothly and efficiently with the built-in sensors on the handrails. With a 20-level incline and top speed of 11.2mph, it can handle any workout you throw at it. Putting it away when finished with your workout is fast and easy thanks to the soft drop system.

PremierFit T100

Key features: Heart rate monitor, speakers, iPad holder, wide and long running belt.

At under £200, this PremierFit machine is a perfect budget-friendly home treadmill. It has an industry recommended slightly sloped incline of 4% for joint protection. Running can be a laborious pastime so having some onboard entertainment can make things easier and more enjoyable. This unit not only has speakers, but also an iPad holder. You can listen to your favourite music or catch up on that TV show without needing headphones. Pretty nifty. A high-performance motor of 1.0CHP is perfect for walkers, joggers and runners alike. Its owners rave about how easy it is to assemble and store away while not in use. 13 programs offer more than enough workout variety to keep you interested and motivated.

PrestigeSports XM-PROIII

Key features: 12KPH speed, 3-level manual incline, speakers, automatic lubrication, silent motor.

In terms of bang for your buck, this one might be the best of the lot. It offers everything you need when it comes to technology, functionality and build quality. We mentioned speakers and a drink holder in some of the previous treadmills above, but this one even has the added bonus of a towel rail. It boasts a fast 12KPH motor, easy assembly and storage and for added practicality has transport wheels. It has a large running belt, handrail controls and much more. 13 programs come as standard and you even get some free gifts – a twist disc and running bottle. You can also download 3 helpful and informative PDF e-books for crucial advice on nutrition and workouts.

Fitnessclub Folding Electric Motorised Treadmill 

Key features: Low noise operation, textured non-slip tread belt, easy to read display.

A budget-friendly machine, made by Fitnessclub. With a more than adequate amount of functionality and customisation, this one will appeal to many of us who are looking to get started. It’s relatively small, doesn’t make lots of noise when in use, nice and easy to assemble and store away and has ample cushioning to protect the joints. It comes with a drinks holder. The machine is folded into place with a hydraulic arm. You could have this one in your home, or even in your office, such is the space-friendly design. If you’re one of those people who prefers to get some steps in during your breaks rather than smoking or indulging in some sugary treats, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Nero Pro Treadmill 

Key features: Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone app control, arrives 99% pre-assembled, run real-world Google satellite roadmaps.

Last, but certainly not least – this Nero Pro is currently the #1 best selling treadmill at Amazon UK and for its price, offers a staggering amount of technology and functionality. A top speed of 10 KM/H will suit most home exercise enthusiasts’ needs. Like the others we’ve looked at, it provides everything you need for walking, jogging or running at home. In terms of the technological functionality it offers, it’s a steal at £159.99. You can even compete against other users by connecting to and logging into the app. 12 automatic programs accompany the manual mode. The usual functions of changing speed and recording progress are all here, making this a sound investment in your quest to get in shape and stay in shape for years to come. Reviewers of various ages and ability wax lyrical about the ease of assembly, use and storage of this cost-effective unit. It won’t break the bank and will at the very least be a superb first step in the word of treadmills.

Now that we’ve gone through the list of the most popular foldable treadmills currently available, you’ll hopefully be closer to deciding which one’s best for you and your individual needs. Remember to take into consideration things such as your budget, how much space you have, what your fitness and weight targets are, what onboard technology you would like, build quality, speed, number of programs and how much unit maintenance you will have to carry out. If you need some more help deciding, below is a handy guide to the features, functions and what some of the most common terms mean in the world of home treadmills. Happy walking, jogging or running!

Speed – the top speed (usually in kilometres per hour) offered by the machine.
Size – size of the machine (length and width).
Weight – weight of the machine in KG.
Incline range – many units are at an angle rather than dead straight, this number is that angle in degrees.
Volume – the volume of the noise generated when in use, usually measured in decibels.
User programs – the amount of different workouts built-in to the onboard computer display. On some of the top machines, these are customisable and even interactive.
App control – states whether the machine can be controlled via a dedicated smartphone, tablet or PC application. This is handy for keeping track of progress and even competing with others.
Adapter – usually an EU or UK plug.
Lubrication – some belts need lubricating regularly with specially designed materials; others are self-lubricating.
Heart rate belt compatibility – some units can be linked up to external (not included) heart rate belts of the users.
Assembly and storage – what steps are needed to assemble the unit, and the technology or build used to fold away and store it.