HIIT Treadmill Workouts Explained

If you’ve been tirelessly racking up mile after mile on a treadmill for months or even years, and have noticed a plateau in results or performance, there is no need for alarm. Maybe enthusiasm for your good old running machine is fading or you’re just bored of constantly repeating the same exercise at the same speed. Before unplugging the treadmill for good, why not learn how high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can transform the way you view exercise forever. The benefits of this type of workout are huge and immensely versatile, meaning you can perform HIIT exercise on a multitude of equipment, including treadmills. So how do you incorporate this method of training on a treadmill? And what are the best machines out there if you don’t own one yet or are looking to upgrade your out-dated equipment?

Introducing HIIT

There is nothing wrong with running a medium to long-distance at a regular, steady pace. Doing this consistently for years is fantastic for your cardiovascular endurance, and will more than likely indicate a good level of fitness. However, for many of us, keeping up with this level of training can be difficult. Firstly, any kind of distance running is time-consuming. In today’s busy world it can be a challenge to dedicate so much time to exercise. Also, unless you genuinely enjoy running, the average person may be fighting an uphill battle to maintain this capacity of training.

This is where HIIT can shake up your routine and make things manageable. High-intensity interval training requires you working out at periods of almost full intensity, followed by slower recovery phases. This constant change of pace forces the body out of its comfort zone, making it work harder. Exercising like this takes far less time than traditional running, and helps to torch calories far more effectively.

How Do You Incorporate HIIT on a Treadmill?

Performing HIIT sessions on your treadmill is a fantastic way to raise the bar on cardio training and enhance your metabolism. The advantage of using a treadmill is less torture on joints as your legs repeatedly hammer the surface during a hard sprint. Ideally, you’ll possess a machine which enables you to program speed intervals, therefore, having less to worry about during your session. You can still change the speed manually if your treadmill does not allow this.

Always ensure you warm up before you begin any exercise. Determine your high-intensity speed before starting the workout. This pace should lift your heart rate to about 80-90 per cent of your maximum. To achieve this, you can use a combination of higher speeds and incline of the treadmill. When at maximum, you should find that you cannot do more than a minute at this level without slowing down.

Set your treadmill program (or be ready to manually change speed). Begin by going at your high-intensity level for one minute; then follow this immediately with a recovery speed—which should be similar to your warm-up—for two minutes. Repeat these steps a few times, aiming for about ten minutes of HIIT. As you get fitter, you can adjust the workout to push yourself further. Try repeating more cycles or shortening the recovery period to one and a half minutes. After your HIIT session, end with a gentle cool down.

How Often Should You Do This?

Start off slowly if you’ve never pushed your body in this way; HIIT can be a shock to the system. If you can manage to work out between two and four times a week, you’ll see huge benefits. Space out exercise days with at least one day of rest in-between. Your body will need this to recover and rebuild. Continue this HIIT program for about eight weeks, before giving your body a much-needed rest—you’ll come back stronger after taking time off.

Equipment Dilemma

With so many treadmills on the market today, it can be troublesome to decide which are worth investing in. You want a durable, reliable and long-lasting machine with all the operational needs to provide the best indoor running experience possible. JLL has a fine range of machines, which are mid-range in price and offer high-quality performance. The JLL T350 comes with a five-year motor warranty and offers 20 running programs as well as 20 incline levels. This terrific value for money treadmill is also foldable to give you that extra space.

Sportstech offers genuine professional quality treadmills. If you’re after a machine with a large running surface that delivers an authentically natural running feel, the Sportstech F37 is perfect. Although more expensive than JLL treadmills, this premium-quality equipment will last a long time and provide ideal conditions for your HIIT workouts. The cushioning system is gentle on the joints and it comes with 12 pre-installed training programmes to get you going. A quality purchase.

Embrace This New Running Journey

Whichever running machine is at your disposal, the end result will be down to you and the effort put in. Treadmill HIIT workouts will challenge you in ways that your body and mind may not be used to. If your goal is to lose weight, improve fitness or just to find a new and exciting alternative to steady running; changing it up with HIIT might be the breakthrough you’re after. Enjoy living the thrill of every new session.