How Folding Treadmills Work

If you are looking to buy a treadmill for use in your house, you would most likely be considering a folding treadmill, for its storage requirements are minimal. Also called foldable, fold-away or fold-up treadmill, these treadmills are not just easy to store. There are quite a few other reasons why folding treadmills are becoming popular. Keep reading to learn how a folding treadmill works and things to consider when you are out there to buy one.

How Does a Folding Treadmill Work?

A folding treadmill, as the name indicates, folds. They typically have features such as a security lock, which helps the treadmill remain put when it’s folded. A folding treadmill’s running deck swivels up and locks in place, so that the treadmill remains folded while not being used. These treadmills are also equipped with wheels, which makes them moving around in a room or between rooms quick and easy. Also, a foldable treadmill works just like a standard treadmill, except for their folding nature. A general misconception about these treadmills is they would not function properly when laid down and working. This, however, is not true.


The following are reasons why you should consider a foldable treadmill over a regular one:

• Space-savings: If space is limited or your home gym is small, a folding treadmill would be extremely handy. One of the best space-saving models is the ProForm 505.
• Easy to clean: Since the treadmill folds and is easy to move around, cleaning the floor space under the treadmill shouldn’t be a problem.
• Automatic movement: As aforementioned, foldable treadmills may also come with an automated dropping and/or lifting mechanism, which helps raise and lower the deck.


It would be unfair and biased to discuss folding treadmills and their advantages without throwing much light on their negatives. Fortunately, we could find only one possible issue.

• Stability: Compared to non-folding treadmills, a foldable treadmill may not be the most stable. This doesn’t imply folding treadmills would crumble upon pressure. If you are going to use the equipment for walking or relaxed jogging, any folding treadmill should be fine. However, if you are someone who sprints on a treadmill, then you would require a more solid and well-built treadmill, such as the Elite Runner Pro from Branx Fitness. If you cheap out on your purchase, the treadmill would not last as long as you expect it to. Folding treadmills made by NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole Fitness, etc. are known for their sturdiness and durability.

Other than the odd stability or build quality issue, foldable treadmills check all the right boxes, which explains why they are so popular.

Buying a Foldable Treadmill

Though the term ‘folding treadmill’ might sound revolutionary or novel, the treadmill has been around for quite some time now. In other words, you should not have trouble finding one, in any price range. If anything, the variety and sheer number of models could confuse you a bit.

To make your search for the right folding treadmill less time-consuming, narrow down your options. You may do this by setting price limits or brand preferences. If you are looking for a quality offering, spend at least £1,000. Setting this starting price may not considerably bring down the number of models to consider, but you will at least filter out the sub-standard treadmills.

Also, it’s important what your treadmill requirements are. A treadmill is not just a platform to walk, jog or run. The machine comes with a host of features that makes using them worthwhile than walking or jogging outdoors. For instance, a folding treadmill can track your workout. Therefore, you must look for a machine that has a display and a timer that would keep track of the entire period you spend on the machine.

Several foldable treadmills come with a ‘distance display’ that tracks the number of times the treadmill belt revolves. That helps track the distance you walked, jogged or ran on the treadmill.

Also, the folding treadmill you buy should allow you to set the right speed. Speed settings may sound rudimentary to regular treadmill users, but those who are buying the equipment for the first time may overlook this aspect. Speed controls would also help people who’d like their treadmills to operate at a certain speed so that they could meet their specific workout goals.

Since you’d be using this machine for cardio, the folding treadmill you buy must have a pulse and heart rate tracker too. If you have heart-related issues, keeping track of your heart’s activity during cardio is important to confirm you are not overexerting yourself. Foldable treadmills come with calorie monitors too, but they aren’t a must-have feature.

Check the folding treadmill’s incline grade too. The treadmill’s incline ascertains the kinds of elevation you could achieve during usage. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have a folding treadmill that includes everything but the kitchen sink, it’s imperative you ensure the equipment doesn’t miss out on feature you value the most. If you’d like a solid recommendation on a high specification treadmill from us, check out the Sole F80.


Folding treadmills were introduced after standard treadmills happened. And your options for these folding treadmills may not be as varied as you get with conventional treadmills. Having said that, many established exercise equipment manufacturers have hopped on to the bandwagon and are already making foldable treadmills. Your job is to choose the best machine for your requirement and, most importantly, regularly use it.