How to Lose Weight by Jogging

Jogging, whether pounding the pavement or on a treadmill is the perfect way to lose weight and get in shape. Due to the unpredictable British weather and cold winters, it can be easy to lose motivation and not jog on those days. Weight loss is a long term commitment, and staying in shape lasts a lifetime. One-off jogs here and there are not going to cut it!

The benefits of jogging on a treadmill

One of the best ways to commit to a long term jogging plan is by doing it indoors on a treadmill. You can place it in front of the TV, or facing a window with a nice view – wherever it suits you. Best of all, it avoids rain, snow, hail, sleet so you can jog any time you like. The weather never gets in between you and a solid training session.

Some people are not confident heading out into the dark on their own, so a treadmill is perfect for some late afternoon/night jogging. Some just don’t want to exercise in public for whatever reason. A good treadmill gets around this issue by letting people work out in the comfort of their home, with no prying eyes. If space is an issue, try something like the Reebok ZR8 which is designed to fold up for easy storage.

The main benefits of jogging or walking on a treadmill is that it can lead to increased fitness, weight loss, and feelings of well-being. You can look and feel so much better. Let’s look at how this can be achieved.

Target Heart Rate

Obviously, the first step is to speak to a doctor first if there are any concerns. Once they have given you the all clear, then it is time to exercise.

Next, you will need to know about target heart rates. Your maximum heart rate can be found by subtracting your age from 220. For example, a 40 year old man has a maximum heart rate of 180 beats per minute.

This is useful for planning the type of work out you would like to have on your treadmill. For weight loss, you should aim for a heart rate of around 70% of your maximum heart rate. For example, a 45 year old woman has a maximum heart rate of 220 – 45, which equals 175 BPM. She should then aim for a heart rate of around 123 beats per minute. This level puts her right in the fat burning zone, which is perfect for losing weight.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t need to be achieved by jogging. Depending on fitness levels, 123 BPM could be obtained by briskly walking on the treadmill to start with. Then once capabilities increase, it will take more effort to raise your heart rate, leading to increased fitness and more significant weight loss.

To monitor your heart rate during a workout, it is possible to wear an external device like a fitness watch. However, many modern treadmills like the PremierFit T330 are able to provide this data by holding the appropriate bars to measure your heart rate.
This data is then presented to you on an LCD screen located within easy view. Using this handy information, you can see how many heartbeats per minute you are producing.

Treadmill Extras

It is not just your heart rate that you can view. Modern treadmills come with a variety of extras to ensure that every workout is not only productive but also fun! If you are someone who needs music while they work out, then check a model like the JLL T350. This treadmill comes with Bluetooth and speakers to play your favourite workout playlists over. Perhaps you like to listen to audio-books? This can easily be achieved as well and injects an extra level of fun into a walk or jog.

Our bodies need change and new challenges to continually improve. If we repeat the same workout or body can adapt and stay stuck at that level. To help combat this, many treadmills come with preset workout programmes. The BTM A7 model, for example, comes pre-programmed with 15 Programmes you can select to provide variety and never get bored.

As well as programmes, users can adjust the incline on many treadmills to simulate hill climbs. Greater inclines can make muscles work harder and can lead to toned legs as well as weight loss. The PrestigeSports XM-PROII Elite is a great low-cost treadmill that offers this capability.

Final word

It is clear that jogging on a treadmill is a fantastic way to lose weight. By not being a slave to the elements, you are free to workout whenever you need to. Indoor treadmills come with a host of benefits and are available to suit every budget requirement or need.