New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Review

New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill: At a Glance

Functionality: (4.1 / 5)
Ease of Use: (3.8 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.5 / 5)

The New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill provides a solution to damp weather that may stand in the way of your training routine. With this running machine in your possession, you can keep fit and maintain great shape. It is also a valuable tool if you’re looking to lose weight. You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy some of its amazing features. Take a look at what you can expect from the new treadmill.


 Consumers can push themselves to the limit thanks to the numerous training programs. It is also suitable for beginners as they can learn the ropes of the workout sessions and build their capacity with every new level they get into.
 You could explore the manual programming feature and customise training sessions depending on what you hope to achieve after every session. This feature allows you to run particular distances at set speeds. This works well for anyone looking to have interval training workouts.
 The treadmill has a sturdy and spacious area for a comfortable workout session. This feature makes it possible for consumers to try out different styles without necessarily being impeded. The running belt is top quality and will remain strong even during strenuous workouts.
 Entertainment is guaranteed throughout the workout session. The AUX port supports MP3, iPods as well as iPhones. You get to listen to your favourite songs that will keep your energy levels high. The high powered speakers offer quality that is beyond what any earphone can offer. You won’t have to deal with the constant falling off of your earphones as you run. If you are super great at multitasking, you could watch a movie as you train.
 Monitor your performance on the 5″ LCD monitor. You will be able to keep tabs on your speed as well as the distance you’ve covered. Burnt calories will also be displayed on the screen along with your heart rate. This will help you know when to up your speed and when you need to slow things down. The display is easy to follow and is always clear.
 Your towel can be safely tucked on its rail, and you can mop up the sweat once you are done. The drink holder provides room for your cooler break drink. It could also double up as a phone holder. The treadmill works just fine on a number of surfaces. You can choose to place it on a wooden floor. A rubber mat would also provide adequate support.


For all its strengths, the New Electric 10km Treadmill has a few downsides that consumers have to make do with.
 It is quite noisy, but hopefully, your workout music can take care of the noise.
 Tall consumers are a little disadvantaged by the towel rail which tends to be quite low. Most of them prefer the top rail which is not provided for here.
 Adjusting the dusters, on the other hand, is not straightforward though you can always adapt to that.
 The base gives a springy feeling especially when fast jogging. The running track is quite narrow and calls for a lot of caution.

Key Advantages for Consumers

The treadmill allows you to optimise your training as you can alter the speed of the first three programs. You can also maintain a steady run as the speed changes are fluid. Consumers don’t have to deal with awkward jerk movements when they step up the speed.

If you need to attend to an emergency, the magnetic safety key will help you make an emergency stop. Catch your breath and take care of your need. The emergency stop can also prevent a dreaded fall when you trip over your feet. It forms part of the safety features that do not disappoint.

Its light weight means that you can use it upstairs without straining to get there. If you are good at following instructions, you won’t have a hard time putting it together. The manual has elaborate steps that you can use to set it up. You can also fold it up conveniently, and it won’t eat up a lot of space. You could also move it around thanks to the mobility wheel that enhances its portability.

It is fitted with handlebars that are invaluable for weaker athletes and those looking to get back to their optimum fitness levels. The bars offer support as you walk and could be used when you make progress to slower jogs. You also get to enjoy prompt delivery that is coupled with timely communication from the support team. Clients are guaranteed to receive a 12-month warranty.

The treadmill is suitable for different skill levels. Highly skilled athletes can take advantage of the customised sessions. They could spice up their workouts with alternating high and slow speeds as they see fit. Beginners can rise to this level with constant practice.

Final thoughts

Simple as it is, its quality is at par with any other gym machine. You won’t be disappointed. Take your performances to the next level with this excellent treadmill. You’ll get good value for your money. It is an ideal running machine for anyone looking to get their workouts indoors. Once the safety clip is in place, you are good to go.

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Pros and Cons

  • High powered speakers

  • Excellent audio option support

  • Integral drinks holder

  • Multiple training programs

  • Relatively high noise levels

  • Low towel rail

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