Nordictrack Unisex’s T10.0 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack Unisex’s T10.0 Treadmill Review
: At a Glance

Functionality: (4.8 / 5)
Ease of Use: (4.6 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.7 / 5)

For those wanting to up their cardio game, the Nordictrack Unisex T10.0 Folding Track provides the perfect solution with a range of integrated features including workout apps and iFit Bluetooth. As the treadmill is able to be folded in a compact manner, it is easily packed away and can be conveniently moved and transported to different areas. As it’s name suggests the T10.0 Norditrack is suitable for a range of workouts for either sex as well as a variety of fitness levels. It can be programmed to be as easy or as demanding as needed, and with lots of interesting digital features and options you can access an almost unlimited amount of fitness programmes.

Technical Specification

The treadmill is fitted with a 3.0 CHP motor and a 1.9 precision machined roller, and has digitally controlled incline ranging from 0 – 12% and speed control from 0 – 22 KPH, as well as a 52 x 152 cm deck. The walking belt is 20 x 60” and the machine also has FlexSelect Cushioning, which means you can have different impact options from those that are more cushioned to those that are harder and replicate a road surface or concrete.

There are no less than 20 pre-set workout apps to choose from so that you can build up your fitness with each training session and provide greater challenges as you become fitter. In addition, if you are looking to lose weight there is a customised Weight Loss Center to assist with this.

An EKG Grip Pulse Feature monitors all your workout data and this is displayed on the nifty 7” backlit iFit display panel. The treadmill is also Bluetooth Smart compatible which means you can automatically track progress, simulate real runs with Google Maps, compete with friends and relatives, gain access to different workouts each day and also customise your training to your individual needs.

Other smart digital features include iPod compatible audio and speakers so that you can remain motivated whilst listening to things that encourage you to keep going! At an average price of approximately £900 the T.10.0 gives a good deal of value for money in comparison with similar models on the market at present.

Special Features

As well as the workout features mentioned above, the T10.0 Nordictrack Treadmill has a special space saving design and easy lift feature so that is it not difficult to fold away and reposition or transport as required. Other features include Autobreeze workout fans which assist with cardio endurance and a handy tablet holder.

Diverse Workout Options

Whether you want to start gradually with a slow walk or begin with more intensive sprints, the T10.0 has capability for all fitness levels. Therefore, it could suit those just beginning their fitness journey or rehabilitating after an illness, to those who want to lose weight. At the other end of the spectrum the T10.0 Nordictrack Treadmill is also suitable for those who are fitter and want to maintain or improve this by increasing stamina and cardio levels. Due to it’s pre-set workouts and options for limitless new workouts through Bluetooth this really is a very versatile workout machine with plenty of options.

Customer Reviews

Reviews to date have been positive rating the treadmill as a top mid-range one based on comparison sites. People particularly like the fact that they can tailor their workouts for their needs, and they also recommend the sturdy nature of the machine and the fans and speakers. Although some reviewers say it is large, they are able to pack it away if necessary and think this enhances it’s appeal as it is stronger than some lesser quality treadmills and does not move about but stays put. Other customers thought the assembly instructions were exceptionally clear and they were able to put it together single-handedly, although one reviewer thought this may be easier with two people. The T10.0 got good reviews from some customers who had used treadmills all around the world so had the experience to spot one that performed well in terms of the T10.0.


Therefore, if you want a robust, good quality treadmill with a larger spectrum of features and workouts than some similar or cheaper models on the market, the T10.0 Nordictrack Unisex is certainly one of the top contenders. Suitable for a range of needs including starter fitness programmes to high end workouts, it’s competitive price and multiple features make it a very good buy for all kinds of customers.

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Pros and Cons

  • Tailor workouts

  • Clear assembly instructions

  • Robust machine

  • Fans and speakers

  • Higher price point

  • Two person construction

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