Reebok Treadmill Reviews

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Reebok are an established manufacturer, offering a range of fitness equipment. If you are already familiar with their machines, then you may find that the transition to a Reebok treadmill makes a lot of sense. For those looking to use this equipment brand for the first time, there are models to suit a variety of budgets.

We’ve reviewed a number of different Reebok treadmills recently and you’ll find links to the individual reviews below.

In our introduction above, we mentioned that Reebok are an established brand. This may have been something of an under-statement, for this well-known company in the field of sports and fitness.

The origins of the business can be traced back to 19th century England, when Mr Foster was to create the first pair of running shoes to include spikes. From that base in Boston, Lincolnshire, the business was to grow. The business owned by Mr Foster, known as JW Foster and Sons, was involved in creating shoes by hand, with customers who were leading athletes at the time. As the reputation of the firm grew and word spread, they were soon supplying international athletes. That expansion including provided running shoes for athletes at the 1924 Olympic Games, broad to wider fame by the hit film, Chariots of Fire.

In 1958 the company Reebok was founded, thanks to the efforts of two of the original Mr Foster’s grandsons. Joe and Jeff Foster opted to use the name of an African animal for their new brand.

The Reebok brand expanded into the early 1980s, but it was in the year 1982 that they made a real breakthrough. The launch of the Freestyle, a running shoe aimed specifically at women, was to transform the market. Reaching out to the burgeoning aerobic exercise movement, it was to take Reebok to new levels.

By 1985, a stock market launch had been conducted and the brand was starting to gain a significant foothold within a range of international markets. A number of innovations followed, culminating with the launch of Step Reebok in 1989. Today, the benefits of step exercises are widely accepted, making it hard to believe that this was actually a relatively recent innovation.

In more recent years, the brand has made something of a move into sports, building upon its existing positioning within the fitness and exercise niche. Despite this move, Reebok fitness equipment and accessories retain their popularity. Today, Reebok is part of the renowned Adidas group, but continues to hold its unique positioning within the marketplace.