The Ultimate Curved Treadmill Workout

A curved treadmill is a concave device with no motorization, which allows a user to walk and run as the foot strikes a propelling belt. This system is supposed to exploit horizontal and vertical contours that pull the belt down and back from the running or walking stride. This eliminates the need for electric motors. It is a great option for those that want to pace themselves manually. Quite a few systems can be bought today from top manufacturers. These include SpeedFit, Primal Strength, and SuRose. All of them offer the same thing, a comfortable running experience that improves a workout.

How does it Work

The secret behind this curved treadmill is the use of friction, gravity, and the forces generated when you run. During a downstroke, the weight and foot of the body pull the tread down and back and this is made possible by the curved shape of this machine. The point of contact is placed away from the centre
While these differences are not quite visible, it is enough to deload the body with vertical reaction forces. It reduced the stress on the legs from vertical ground forces. The key to a great curved treadmill is ball bearings and reducing horizontal friction.

Benefits of Using a Curved Treadmill

A curved treadmill has many benefits that include:

• Expending More Energy and Using More Muscle Groups

Due to the propelling technique used to drive the running belt, this treadmill uses more muscle groups while you run. It reduces vertical displacement, while also increasing the energy used up.

• Running More Naturally

This design causes you to run on the balls of the feet, which reduces the impact to the joint while improving the running performance. It causes more engagement of the trunk and core while running at a good angle. This ensures you maintain good posture or you will feel off balance. It has been shown you expend 30% more energy when running on the curved treadmill.

• You are guaranteed of a Hard Workout

The perceived exertion has been placed at around 1.44 units higher on the Borg Scale when compared to a normal treadmill. It leads to a very light exercise. The heart rate has also been shown to go up 22% more and the CO2 was shown to be 41% greater compared to the flat treadmill.

• It is Self-Powered and Easy to Use

The user powers the treadmill and it is simple and quick to use. You only jump onto it and shaft the body forward to start walking. There are no complex buttons, which you need to press. Best of all, you are not consuming any power, which could increase your bill.

• It is Safer

There is less friction, which means there is less heat generated. As a result, there is almost no chance of an explosion or fire during a particularly vigorous workout. Besides that, the running belt offers more grip unlike normal treadmills, which are made of cotton-nylon belts. This ensures the risk of falling is almost non-existent.

• A Long Service Life

When compared to the normal treadmill, it has quite a long service life since there are fewer moving parts. The normal treadmill usually requires some electric component to be replaced after some time and it can irreparably fail sometimes. If routine maintenance is carried out, there is no chance of the curved treadmill to fail.

How to Train on This Treadmill

The curved treadmill is used just like a normal flatbed treadmill. Thus, anything you can do on the normal treadmill can be done on the curved treadmill. However, there are exercises at which this treadmill is great. These are:

• Sprint Training

Sprint training on this treadmill is great since there are no motors. It means that a user can start the spirit interval quickly without waiting for the motor to get up to speed. This is great for people with only a little time to spare for workouts.

• High-Intensity Interval Training

With the curved treadmill, you will have the ability to adjust the pace, which helps you mimic road or the running track interval. Since there is no speed limit, it is a great option for elite runners that need to pace themselves. It is especially so when the commercial motorised treadmill does not offer the speed limit.

• Group Training

A curved treadmill is a great solution for group training exercises since it is easy to hop on and off. The running deck speed slows down when you hop off. It will allow fast and seamless changes to take place as a user is moving from one machine to another.


Today, more than ever before, you have many options when picking your curved treadmill. For instance, you can choose the Origin SpeedFit Curved Treadmill or the Primal Strength Curved Treadmill. Many leading companies like Nohrd and SpeedFit now offer these machines to their consumers.
When a new type of learning machine enters the market, there is usually a lot of scepticism. However, it is quite clear that the curved treadmill has many benefits for end users and gym owners when compared to other treadmills. A versatile machine offers great workouts for the heart, various muscle groups, and energy expenditure. It is also worth noting that it is quite environmentally friendly. Once you buy it, you will not have to worry about spending more on a higher electricity bill.