Top 10 Budget Treadmills

Using a treadmill in your own home is a convenient way to maintain your general fitness levels or recover from injury. And if you’re trying to economise, there’s an extensive choice of budget treadmills available that are great value for money.

1. Nero Sports: Pro Treadmill

This robust, steel-framed running machine is a rare find amongst budget treadmills. It comes complete with Bluetooth technology to add an extra dimension to your training schedules. Through your smartphone you can connect with other treadmill users anywhere in the world enabling you to run against each other in your own competitions. The sophisticated technology allows you to integrate with other machines and access Google maps to make your daily workouts even more inspiring.

The console also records your progress including speed, distance, timing and calorie count. There’s a choice of twelve programmes and a manual mode plus five speeds building up to 10km/h. The strong, lightweight frame is easy to assemble and folds flat for storage. The running track has a fixed elevation of 10 degrees and a superior suspension for comfortable exercise.

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2. Fitness Club: Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill requires you to power the moving surface by your own efforts through pushing against the handlebars. This treadmill is much easier to operate than most machines making it an ideal choice for people who want a convenient, uncomplicated alternative to walking or jogging outside. The high-quality, non-slip running surface is particularly durable and offers an increased friction for more challenging exercise. An unusual feature for such an economic machine is the choice of elevations for the running platform.

Combined with the adjustable, cushioned handlebars, it provides customisable walking or running that is designed for your comfort. There’s also a computerised console to help you record mileage, calories burned, speed and timing. At just 14kg it’s lightweight but sturdy, has wheels for easy movement and folds when not in use.

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3. Confidence: Compact Electric Treadmill

The speeds on this well-made treadmill are ideally suited for all age groups who want to concentrate on walking or light jogging. From the elderly who want to keep fit to youngsters who are recovering from injuries, the motorised, non-slip surface has a choice of settings up to 6km/h. The width of the surface has a compact 27.5cm width and length of 78cm. There’s a manual exercise mode and three automatic modes which provide a good range of workouts for newcomers to treadmills and experienced users.

The ergonomic handlebars are comfortable to grip and improve stability. A safety mechanism in the form of a clothing clip prevents you slipping from the track. The LCD panel has a clear screen to display your progress including mileage, speed and a calorie counter for dieters. At 18 kilograms, it’s moveable and folds flat for storage.

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4. Bodyfit: Compact Electric Treadmill

Easy to fold and store, this versatile treadmill is ideal for novices. It includes an excellent choice of training programs to provide extra interest. Recommended for all ages and abilities, it provides exercise for walkers and joggers. It’s suitable for general fitness regimes, losing weight and regaining strength after injuries or surgery. There is a manual mode plus three automatic programs of between ten and thirty minutes.

The simplified self-assembly instructions make the treadmill almost instantly accessible on arrival. An adjustable speed control varies from 1km/h to 6km/h allowing you to choose the pace you feel is comfortable. It weighs approximately 17kg and can bear weight of up to 100kg providing a stability that new users find reassuring. The sturdy steel frame and durable moving platform are of a high-quality construction. The electronic LCD display panel is easy to operate and monitors distance, speed, time and also includes a calorie counter.

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5. Olympic 2000: Motorised Treadmill

This affordable treadmill has a slightly larger moving platform than most models in the budget category. The length is more than 100cm and the width is a generous 34cm which will easily accommodate users with a longer stride pattern. The base has a fixed incline of around 10 degrees which provides a comfortable but challenging resistance. There is a variable speed control up to a maximum of 9.9km/h.

Three automatic programs offer a good range of training options from a slow walking pace to brisk jogging. Additional stability is provided through the ergonomic handles and there’s an emergency stop feature. A calorie burner is included in the display panel along with a timer, distance and speed monitors. For added convenience you can fit a drink or phone on the handlebar. The steel frame weighs approximately 23kg but is easy to move through the two wheels incorporated into the base. It’s excellent value for walking and jogging.

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6. Fit4Home: JK-04 Motorised Treadmill

Using a motorised treadmill makes your daily workouts more comfortable especially with this machine. It’s an ideal model for both beginners and more experienced users due to the excellent choice of automatic training programs. Twelve modules cater for every level of ability from a slow walking pace to light running. The high-quality moving belt is much more robust than on some models and provides a cushioned surface that is particularly smooth when in motion.

The platform has a generous length due to a small housing for the motor and is ideal for longer strides. The base can be adjusted to three different gradients increasing the resistance for more challenging runs. The wheeled frame weighs 28kg for increased stability and it folds flat for storage. The electronic display panel includes pulse sensors to measure your cardiovascular function and also shows distance, calories, time and speed.

7. Charles Bentley: Manual Treadmill

If you want the simplicity of a manual treadmill that offers the added stability of a heavier frame this model is ideal. Weighing in at 22kg, the stainless steel frame is well-made, strong and reliable. Two wheels are fitted to the base to ensure it’s easy to move. With a manual treadmill, your own efforts provide the power to turn the moving platform.

The running belt has a comfortable, textured surface that’s non-slip. The base is 106cm in length with a width of 35cm making it suitable for taller users with a longer stride. The handles are large and easy to grip. The unobtrusive display panel shows the varied statistical data regarding your workout including mileage and timing. It’s highly recommended for weight loss and general, all-round fitness.

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8. Confidence: Magnetic Manual Treadmill

This treadmill is easy to assemble and use. It’s suitable for every age group but is very popular with beginners and older users who want to improve their health and fitness levels. The treadmill is particularly quiet when in use which enables you to listen to music or watch television while you exercise. The base is fixed at a slight angle. The running belt features a magnetic resistance mechanism that can be adjusted across eight different levels to provide greater variety and challenge to every walk or jog.

It can also be used without the magnetic feature as a conventional manual machine. The handles are easy to hold and help to provide stability. You can keep track of all your exercise data such as distance travelled and timing through the display panel. The in-built calorie counter is indispensable for users who are trying to lose weight. The treadmill is strong and stable and weighs just over 25kg.

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9. YP: Multi-function Manual Treadmill

As one of the most economic budget treadmills, this model has a manual operation which allows you to have complete control over the speed. The textured belt ensures a comfortable cardiovascular workout for users of any age or fitness level and is perfect for walking and light running. It’s a convenient model for preventing stiff joints or aiding recovery from injuries.

The base is fixed at an angle of 10 degrees which increases resistance and assists the dual flywheel mechanism achieve a remarkably smooth operation. The 15kg stainless steel frame is reliably sturdy and folds flat for storage. The display panel highlights the details of your workout including speed, calorie count and distance.

10. Homcom: Motorised Treadmill

This treadmill has a convenient electric motor which allows you to run without holding onto the handlebars. The non-slip belt has a generous width of 36cm. The adjustable speeds are particularly useful ranging from a slow walking pace at 1km/h to a brisk run at 10km/h. There are three pre-determined fitness programmes.

Every age group can maintain or regain peak fitness with this versatile machine. The handlebars provide additional comfortable support and there’s a safety device to prevent slipping from the end of the platform. The LCD display panel features details of your performance including speed, distance and calories. The 25kg frame folds flat and can withstand weights of 100kg.

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