Top 10 Small Treadmills For The Home

Shayin Portable Folding Treadmill

Planning on taking home training you should consider the Shayin Treadmill.

Key positive features:

  • Has an advantage of taking up limited space.
  • It has a workout program inclusive of 12 presets.
  • it comes pre-assembled.
  • Has rolling wheels for portability.
  • It has a double layer running boards.
  • For lower fatigue, it comes with 8 shock absorption springs ensuring also injury risk is low.


  • You need to allow its motor to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes.

It’s a compact treadmill that makes you feel better and improves your health while indoors. It is suitable for any home fitness machine as it is stable, strong, foldable and narrow.

Goplus 1.5HP Electric

If you want to buy a portable treadmill that can it is without the assembly process, it is best to use this small folding treadmill. You can spread it quickly then walk, run or jog right away!

Key positive features:

  • Comes with 99 workout programs that are preset. .
  • For measuring your pulse, it has a monitor belt. The speed will then adjust according to your heart rate.
  • It has a vertical folding design good for storage.
  • For more functions such as transmitting your workout data to your phone it has mobile apps. .
  • Supports weight of not more than 99kg.


  • For tall people, the belt can be narrow.

This beautifully designed treadmill is perfect for the home and can be folded and removed to save even more space. There is no need to assemble this 1.5 HP Goplus Treadmill. You can start as soon as you get the training plan.

Confidence Power Trac Treadmill

If you want to buy a small treadmill for the home and have all the options, and you need optimal training, this is another affordable option.

Key positive features:

  • It comes with 12 versatile inbuilt workout programs.
  • It has a speed of 9kph.
  • Users can select speeds between 2kph to 9kph.
  • Offers 3 incline positions including 3.5, 2 and 5 degrees. .
  • Its motor is 1HP 600w.
  • LED display is informative and clear. .
  • For added safety it has an emergency stop button. .
  • It is highly foldable for storage, it dimensions are 49 x 24 x 10 inches.


  • It becomes loud when running at a high speed.

It is the perfect little treadmill which you will not end up messing your entire living space. It is cost effective. Choose one of the 12 complete fitness programs and look for that perfect body!

Hindom Portable for Home Office Fitness

Looking for a fitness method that does not require running outdoors? The foldable Hindom treadmill is the perfect fitness equipment for indoors.

Key positive features:

  • It is compact making it suitable for indoors .
  • It offers 12 programs that are pre-set for working out in different lengths of time.
  • For portability it is easily foldable.
  • It offers an Anti-slip running surface.
  • They equip it with a 5Hp electric motor. .
  • For easy maintenance it has handy Self-lubricating function.
  • It also has a low noise polluting motor. .
  • It has a safety clips ensuring a double safety protection. .
  • This mill offers accurate heart rate measurement.


  • Has only one-year warranty.
  • It has a limited maximum user weight of up-to 99kg.

This portable treadmill is light and compact, allowing daily training in a tiny space. When finished, fold it and leave it intact. Versatile and easy to maintain, it is perfect for beginners and those who want to do 10,000 steps a day without going out!

ASUNA SpaceFlex

Fits in the narrow space of your home. With this great treadmill, you can watch your favourite shows and listen to music while enjoying the daily running and walking.

Key positive features:

  • It is shaped with dimensions which are compact and for storage it is a foldable designed.
  • This equipment can be folded to stand upright by a wall.
  • For comfort in running and striding it has 19 x 61-inch deck space.
  • It has user-friendly functions.
  • It comes equipped with inbuilt workout programs and allows you to create customised programs .
  • The ASUNA has wheels for easy movement during transportation.


  • Has a spread range of 12kph.
  • It is heavy as it weighs up to 99 kg.

Is a compact treadmill, which makes it ideal for fitness. Buy ASUNA Spaceflex and without leaving your home you will keep in shape.

The Sunny

It is lowly priced compared to other treadmills; it is very well made and has the characteristics of a bigger treadmill.

Key positive features:

  • Has a powerful motor
  • It has a wide running surface
  • Has a top speed of 16 kph
  • It has easy to use controls for the gradient, speed and jolt and halt


  • Has a narrow track

This compact and economical workout machine allows you to track your extra weight without going to the gym. It covers all the essential features of a treadmill and is sold at a cheaper price.

The Merax

It is affordable with all the features you need for a safe and effective workout at home.

Key positive features:

  • for easy movement it has wheels underneath
  • you can track your progress with an LCD display
  • the treadmill comes with an emergency key to safeguard you during your workout session


  • it has a limited weight capacity
  • The short track is a disadvantage to people with long strides

If you do not have enough space to fit a bigger treadmill, this little treadmill is a good choice. Once the workout is complete, you can quickly collapse it to the storage location. It is Light and durable. It also assures satisfaction with all its features. You get value for your money with this type of treadmill.

Weslo Treadmill

It is small enough for your home, is collapsible and is available at an convenient price.

Key positive features:

  • Comes with 6 assimilated training programs
  • solid and space-saving make
  • Has a powerful motor and a max speed of 16 km/h


  • Is suitable for running and also walking
  • It comes with a 90 days warranty for the parts and 1-year for the motor

This is a treadmill for a narrow living area. You can easily and safely use all the adjustable options to run and walk for hours.


This the highest quality and versatile function and programmed treadmill for the whole family.

Key positive features:

  • 21 The workout routines to select from, are adjustable
  • Top quality motor with adjustable speed of up to up to 18km/h


  • It does not have a cooling fan

The treadmill is a very robust and responsive to changes by the user. It is convenient for small spaces. Folding is easy, so you can get rid of it when you do not need it. Because of the different settings of the training program and equipment, the whole family can easily find a setting that works for everyone.

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

It is a compact treadmill and one of the pocket friendly treadmills offered by the NordicTrack brand. The NordicTrack helps save space at home because of its small compact nature.

Key positive features:

  • The treadmill has a compact make and is easily foldable
  • It has numerous workout programs
  • The treadmill is motorized by a 6 constant horsepower motor
  • There is also a exceptional feature to the treadmill. You can set a Google Maps route; and it will adjust according to the land and reflect on the treadmill
  • If you need to note your progress, the great 5-inch display comes in handy
  • The treadmill comes with an assimilated sound system where you can attach your device
  • Integral sensors to gauge your heart rate in the grips to rate your heart beat


  • Unfortunately it does not have a fan for cooling

The treadmill is both convenient and affordable to purchase. It will suit all your home work out needs and comes with just the right features to make your work out efficient.