Top 5 Curved Treadmills

There have been more videos of trainers and fitness enthusiasts using curved treadmills in recent years. At a glance, one would think that a curved treadmill is a novelty device that keeps users from falling backwards. While it has not been around for long, the curved treadmill offers significant benefits over traditional treadmills.

For starters, they don’t require electricity to run. They are a welcome investment for a business that operates multiple treadmills. Another benefit of curved treadmills is that they force users to run on the balls of their feet. This is a more natural style of running and offers the best results. Curved treadmills also allow users to work on their speed training while reducing minimising ground reaction forces on the ligaments and joints.

But before we get carried away, let take a closer look at the top 5 curved treadmills available on the market.

1. Origin SpeedFit Curved Treadmill
Coming first on our list is the Origin SpeedFit Curved Treadmill, which offers an innovative solution to running. Users are able to burn fat and calories more efficiently and faster. Its design is based on the same concept used in sprinter training for a 100m, 200m and 400m dash. You can easily land on the balls of your feet, thus pushing your body forward.
This treadmill allows fitness enthusiasts to use more muscle groups at a time. This means better results compared to using the traditional heel strike first running method. Walking, jogging, springing and stopping are effortless since you don’t need any intervention to shift the body forward and backwards. You don’t have to touch any buttons or controls, simply run, and you’ll be on your way to fitness. The innovative curve design does a great job of conforming to your strides. It encourages running on the balls of your feet, guaranteeing effective results. Also, it reduces the impact on the joints.

Also notable are the treads, which are specially engineered to be lightweight and provide more strength. They are made from composite material and feature shock-absorbing cover that help handle the long-term requirements of heavy users. The tread belt system offers a strong foundation for the rollers and ball bearings. This guarantees a highly precise, smooth and quiet belt-tread system with zero maintenance requirements.

• Innovative patented curve design that conforms to your stride
• Smooth, quiet and precise belt tread system
• Treads engineered for incredible strength and lightweight
• Allows for effortless running, jogging, stopping and springing
• Belt tread system has zero maintenance requirements
• Backed by 2-years limited warranty

• It is non-folding and as such, takes up more space

2. Primal Strength Curved Treadmill
Marketed as a commercial non-motorized treadmill for athletes, the Primal Strength Curved Treadmill allows for sprinting at optimal capacity. Its curved base ensures natural running motion, hence more effective results. Highlights include an LCD monitor that allows you to view critical stats such as maximum speed, countdown time, number of calories, HR recovery, heart rate, and time.

It offers six levels of resistance, hence a perfect purchase for beginners and pros alike. You can either take a walk or run freely. There is also the option of driving in full prowler position for optimal power output and speed. The unique handlebar design allows for a variety of exercise positions such as deadmill sprints, reverse leg pulls, sprints, and more.

The Primal Strength Curve Treadmill weighs 195 kilograms and can accommodate a maximum of 180 kilograms. While non-folding, its warranty coverage is quite comprehensive. A 2-year commercial warranty on parts is offered along with 1-year warranty on labour. If purchased for home use, Precise Strength offers a 2-year warranty on parts and labour.

• Perfect treadmill for HIIT, prowler sprints and sprints
• Backed by 2-years warranty on parts and labour
• The LCD monitor provides feedback on time, speed, HR recovery etc.
• Offers up to six levels of resistance
• A self-powered treadmill that doesn’t increase utility bills

• Doesn’t provide enough vertical force oscillation

3. TrueForm Runner
The TrueForm Runner is probably the best-curved treadmill for those who are just starting their fitness journey. This is because it provides better belt resistance and stability compared to most treadmills. The base is incredibly stable, and the treadmill feels more secure at high speeds, particularly when moving towards the front.

The simple design of this non-motorized treadmill is one of the factors that make it so popular among users. It helps runners develop an effective running technique. Highlights include an innovative curved deck that is controlled by force and movements of the user. You don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons or controls – simply get on the deck and run freely.

This treadmill features a 54” x 17” running surface and weighs 147.4 kilograms. Also notable is the standard handrail height, which is great for runners who are recovering from an injury. It also offers the additional balance assistance that’s only available with higher rails. The digital display is a nice addition since it provides access to critical information such as speed, heart rate, time, calories and more. It can be used by anyone since there aren’t any complicated programs.

As for its performance, the TrueForm Runner certainly delivers its worth. This is partially due to the included tethering system, which is designed for regular high-speed training. It minimises the risk of injuries while helping runners perfect their sprints. The responsive belt technology reacts to all subtle movements ranging from foot strike to posture. As such, users can burn up to 44% more calories, challenge their skill and achieve optimal speed.

Handcrafted and welded in the US, the TrueForm Runner is built to last a long time. The belt is rated at 200,000 miles and backed by a 10-year warranty.

• Non-motorized curve treadmill available in custom colours
• Belt rated at over 200,000 miles
• Features artificial field turf and running surface
• Responsive belt technology delivers better results
• Backed by a 10-year warranty
• Great belt resistance and stability

• Running track is shorter than most, and as such, it’s easy to fall off when running

4. Woodway Curve Treadmill
This is a one-of-a-kind curve treadmill that offers great features at a reasonable cost. Its curved track is made with interlocking slats and moves with movements and force of the user. The treadmill is incredibly effective, helping users run more naturally and burn 10% more calories. The ability to reduce or increase speed without pressing any buttons makes the device convenient and ideal for high-intensity training.

One of the major highlights is the Slat Belt, a unique running surface that glides with zero friction. Runners can easily increase speed by striding up the belt. The low inertia of this treadmill comes handy for those who are just getting started. It also helps with low maintenance. The belt system features more than 100 ball bearings that ensure smooth gliding.

Also featured is a battery-powered monitor that’s compatible with multiple software packages, i.e. Curve, Curve 1.5 and Curve 3.0. This provides performance statistics, allowing users to track progress in the long term. The treadmill is built for longevity and run for 150,000 miles before requiring a deck swap, belt adjustments or belt change.

• Motor-free curve treadmill that doesn’t rack up electricity costs
• No need to press speed controls
• Supports running for up to 150,000 miles before requiring maintenance
• Compatible with wireless heart rate monitors
• Multiple software options
• Tracks key stats like heart rate, time elapsed, calories burned and distance
• Export data with USB

• Running belt is smaller than most treadmills and isn’t ideal for larger trainees

5.Technogym SkillMill
Concluding our list of best curve treadmills is the Technogym SkillMill, an innovative device that is non-motorized. It encourages a proper running form, hence more effective results. Highlights include Multidrive Technology, an innovation that allows the user to adjust the resistance for strength training.

This treadmill is marketed as an all-in-one machine for stamina, power, speed and agility training. As such, you can do more than just run. You can perform a variety of exercises such as drills and sled pushes to achieve different fitness objectives. The handrail is split in the middle, ensuring that it doesn’t hinder front-side oriented arm mechanics. This orientation makes it easy to brace for different exercises and adjust for varying levels of resistance.

The LCD interface enables trainees to track fitness metrics such as speed, calories burned, the time taken, distance covered and heart rate. This treadmill is also compatible with an accessory called Unity Self Excite that allows for NFC Bluetooth, USB port, Ethernet Jack and other connectivity options.

• Offers guidance and performance tracking options
• Multidrive Technology allows for controlled resistance
• Perfect treadmill for strength, power, speed and agility training
• Features a smartphone holder
• Split handrail for more convenient front-side oriented arm mechanics

• Pricier than most curve treadmills