Treadmill Sprint Workouts

Treadmills are excellent innovations which ensure that whatever our training needs and the weather conditions outside we can still do our training. The problem, the individual is faced with is the plethora of different treadmill machines available in the UK, making it difficult to decide which one would serve your needs the best. In the article, we will look at a number of leading treadmill manufacturers and the different machines available for sprint workouts in the UK. Sprint training on treadmills will be discussed and the required features to look for before deciding on a running machine that will allow you to do optimum sprint training.

Benefits of Sprint workouts and different types of training.

Different training regimes are constantly being developed and thanks to fitness programs like CrossFit, the use of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) became very popular worldwide. The purpose of sprint training is to develop your body’s anaerobic ability, which will enable the body to provide energy for the times when you need to perform work at a higher pace and level than what the aerobic system can provide. Sprint training ensures that the body gets a workout that enhances muscle-building and cardiovascular development. There are different types of sprint training like Fartlek, Tabata and HIIT which are all based on the same principle namely the use of intervals of very high activity or sprints and then reduced activity which serves as a recovery period for the body. According to research the benefits of sprint training are the following:

• Improves the overall fitness of the person, both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
• Burns body fat faster improves muscle tone and development.
• Sprint training reduces the appetite which helps to control body weight.
• Improved circulation and brain functioning.
• Enhances the release of natural endorphins by the body, which makes people more happy and relaxed.

Benefits of using a treadmill for sprint training

Running outside is a wonderful way of exercising, but the downsides are when it rains or is very cold outside. The prospect of running in the dark from October onwards for a couple of months if you can’t run during the mornings or your lunch break makes many people forget about their fitness programs. Treadmills enable people to train whatever the weather outside, some people enjoy going to a gym but many prefer the flexibility and privacy that owning a treadmill offers them.

Treadmills are sophisticated machines with software that can be set to a specific speed, thus ensuring that you train at the correct speed for the required length of time, record your heart rate and a lot more.

How do you select the machine which is the best for sprint training?

The question that pops up is, how will I determine what is the best treadmill for me? Let’s take a look at the different factors that you must consider to ensure you buy the machine most suited to your purpose:
• Is the machine suitable for running and in particular sprinting?
• Your weight and that of any other person that will use the machine.
• Different skill levels of the persons – beginner, experienced, advanced or professional.
• Your available budget.
• Area where it will be used and available space.
• Intended use, home or commercial?
• Purpose and type of sprint exercise that will be done during the workout.

Essential features

Sprint training differs from ordinary running or walking on the treadmill and the machine will have to meet certain requirements.
• Look for a longer and larger running area to facilitate the longer strides needed.
• The machine must be capable of speed higher than 16kmh.
• Different incline and decline settings to provide the necessary variety for training.
• Machine’s motor must be stronger than 3hp but adjust the requirement upwards depending on the person’s weight.
• Weight of the machine and size, folding up or stationary machine.
• Extra features, available apps, and software.

What is available in the UK?

There are an excellent variety of treadmills and running machines available in the UK for both, home or commercial use. The following treadmills are widely regarded amongst the best brand names to consider for use when wanting to do sprint training.
JLL S300- Folding Treadmill
Coming in at the low end with a top speed of 16kmh.
Nordic Track Commercial 2950 Treadmill
Strong 4.25CHP motor with a top speed of 22kph and a variety of features.
JTX Slim Line, the flat-folding treadmill
At the lower end with a top speed of 14kmh.
Branx Fitness foldable “Elite Runner Pro” model
Widely regarded as one of the top sprint training treadmills available in the UK with a top speed of more than 21kmh. The treadmill is a heavy-duty machine with lots of extra features.
JTX Sprint-7 High-Performance Home treadmill
Excellent machine with a lifetime guarantee, a maximum speed of 20kmh.
Sportstech F65 professional treadmill
This is the machine for the serious runner who really wants to train at high speeds. A maximum speed of 25kmh and a very strong motor of 6CHP. The machine offers excellent features and is loaded with everything that is needed to do sprint training at the highest level. Needs space and weighs 170kg.

In conclusion, it can be said that there is a variety of machines to consider with prices that stretches from around £220 upwards to what your budget can afford. It is advisable to determine your needs and then buy the best treadmill that you can afford after you have done your homework.