Why Buy a Curved Running Machine?

The world of running machines has been fast evolving during recent years, with new, better models available to consumers at lower prices than ever. Many people are now embracing the new treadmill revolution as a way to achieve their desired body image without disrupting their already busy schedules. There are many exciting innovations available for anyone who is now looking to purchase modern running machines, and the curved treadmill is likely one of the most striking options available.

But exact exactly is a curved treadmill, and why are these workout devices so popular these days, to the point they’re quickly becoming the norm at the most prestigious fashion boutiques around the country, as well as in the private gyms of professional athletes from all kinds of sports? Is this simply a fad, or should you actually consider spending a little extra money to get a curved treadmill as your new private exercise station? All these questions will be clarified in the next sections, so read closely.

What exactly is a curved treadmill, and which are the leading brands?

Curved treadmills are an exciting new development in the world of running machines, for various reasons: they provide a superior quality exercise with greater effectiveness than traditional treadmills and reduced joint impact. But what exactly makes curved treadmills so unique and special?

Most notably (and as suggested by the name), curved treadmills indeed present a curved running surface that feels very different from using a standard running machine. Not only is the running surface concave, but the machine itself does not require electricity and offers no automatic movement or adjustable speeds. The curved treadmill belt is powered only by the strength of the runners’ legs, which induce the movement through their own body weight – in a way that effectively feels surprisingly similar to running on the outdoors (which is why these are also known as self-powered running machines).

When you’re using a curved treadmill, the pressure exerted by the balls of your feet on the slanted surface is all it takes to keep the treadmill belt moving, and the resistance created through the friction makes for a very effective workout that will allow you get more results in less time. Experts agree that curved treadmills allow burning calories quite a bit faster compared to a conventional running machine, and this is probably one of the leading reasons why so many professional athletes are now embracing this technology.

What unique benefits do curved treadmills offer?

Given its unique design and human-generated movement, a curved treadmill will indeed allow the runner to burn calories faster than an electric running machine since it’s the actual traction of the legs that keep the running belt moving. Experts agree that curved treadmills allow burning calories up to 30% faster than a regular treadmill and they also point out this type of machine is ideal for anyone looking to engage in high-intensity interval training programs.

In other words, curved treadmills are perfect for sprinting and having short intensive bursts of physical activity. Given its unique design (that actually requires the runner to push down on the running belt to keep it moving) this type of machine makes for an exercise session that engages more muscle groups than is normally possible when you’re running on a flat surface. The feeling of using a curved treadmill is much more reminiscent of running outdoors on cross-country tracks than using a boring old running machine.

Even though you will experience a rather intense training session while using a curved treadmill, the impact on your joints will actually be reduced compared to running across flat surfaces. The unique design of this type of treadmill makes for a whole-body exercising motion that puts the strain on your muscles rather than your bones. In short, there are many benefits in using a curved treadmill and practically no downsides, except maybe asides from the fact this could make your existing running machine obsolete.

Not all curved treadmills are the same though, and you’ll find there’s a striking difference in the experience available from different brands and models. The most popular and highest regarded models at the time include the Rep Fitness Drax, the Speedfit Speedboard ProXL and the Assault Fitness AirRunner.

Does training in a curved treadmill involve special routines?

The underlying reasoning of curved treadmills is to keep the movement natural and the posture well aligned, and using it does not require any unusual workout routines. Its unique nature and design are however best suited for short interval intense training since you will actually feel a good deal of burning across many muscles in your body that you may not be used to exercising – especially your core muscles, the gluteus muscle group and hamstring region.

Unlike a regular treadmill where you may feel the machine is doing the work for you, curved treadmills offer the right amount of resistance to keep your exercise session intense and effective. It’s also nice how you can simply jump in and start running whenever you like, rather than having to wait for the treadmill to get powered on and in motion.

While you don’t have to learn any special routines to get the most of your new curved treadmill, it’s worth noting these devices have a slight learning curve. You may find at first that staying balanced while running on a curved surface can be a little tricky, but that’s just because the machine is pushing you into keeping a straight posture, and you will soon get in the swing of it and enjoy the motion.