ZAAP Fitness TX-5000 Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review

ZAAP Fitness TX-5000 Electric Treadmill Running Machine: At a Glance

Functionality: (3.2 / 5)
Ease of Use: (3.6 / 5)
Value for Money: (2.8 / 5)

Even if you are not one of life’s natural runners, this quality treadmill will help you build up your endurance and maximise your fitness levels on a gradual basis. In addition, the treadmill allows you place an ipad/tablet next to you with a handy stand so that you can pass the time away by listening to music or other entertainment. This model features 12 different programs so you can set it up to go at your own pace with whichever program is most suitable.

Technical Specification

• Speed panel with 12 programs allows you to change speed quickly and efficiently and is great for interval training
• Programs are set using one of 8 buttons that are numbered and also show diagrams to illustrate what each one represents
• Motor speed from 1-12 km/h
• Power of motor 1470W/2.0HP
• This model is 50 kg in weight and easily folds down with hydraulic assist
• Special ZaapSpring shock absorbers for enhanced and smooth running
• The ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill is priced in the region of £320.00 and includes free shipping to some destinations
• The treadmill comes complete with a 12 month warranty
• Speakers built-in with 3.5 mm jack
• LED display showing distance, speed, time, heart rate and calories
• Dual heart rate sensors for showing heart rate
• Emergency stop clip
• User weight is a maximum of 130 kg (20 stones)
• Running area: 120 cm x 42 cm (length by width)
• Size when unfolded: 155 x 73 x 129 ( length x width x height)
• Dimensions when in folded position: 92 x 73 x 138 ( length x width x height)

Customer Reviews

The ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine has had a large number of favourable reviews by customers who have commented on the sturdiness of the frame and the powerful motor. The reviewers also like the sleek appearance of the treadmill, and many buyers gave the item a 5 star rating.

Other comments by customers included the fact that they were impressed with the speed of delivery and the ease with which the treadmill could be assembled. They felt that it was robust and dealt with heavy duty running very well and was compatible with different body types, shapes and sizes.

One of the slight disadvantages was that the incline is fixed and only the speed can be adjusted but most customers were happy with this nevertheless, and felt the fundamental benefits of the model outweighed this slight disadvantage compared to others in the same price bracket.

Customer feedback ranged from those who were new to fitness regimes as well as those who wanted to undertake indoor exercise due to time constraints, convenience or due to inclement weather.

Additionally, those who wanted gentle exercise after illness or injury found the ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill to be useful for gradually building up from walking to light running programs, and the ease of understanding and using programs was also one of the strong points of this model.

Benefits of ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill

Building strength: The treadmill is a mid-range model that is good for those who may not have had running experience and want to build up gradually, as well as customers who are fitter and want to exercise and build up strength and stamina in their home.

Robust design: The design is sturdy and the motor powerful enough to endure vigorous running sessions and weights up to 130 kg, and the frame has a number of useful features such as a stand to hold ipads or tablets as well as heart sensors and easy to understand LED displays.

Good comparison with similar models: The ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill also compares well with others in the same price bracket. It has more features than some others but does not have a moveable incline which is one of the only slight negatives referenced by buyers in feedback.

Space saving: the treadmill is easy to construct and also quickly unfolded and packed away which is very convenient and needed in most homes where space is at a premium, and it can be moved around to different locations with ease.

Room for entertainment: additional benefits include uilt-in speakers and also inputs for a 3.5 mm jack, USB, SD Card and MP3, and customers who have used a range of exercise machines felt this is an added bonus to alleviate monotony when running and to help energise and motivate them.


Therefore, if you have never owned a treadmill or haven’t run before, or if you are a mid-range runner wanting to maintain and improve fitness and endurance, the ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill will be the perfect option. The added extras such as space for electronic equipment, and the capacity to easily assemble and unfold make it a good option for any size of home and mean it can be easily stored away.

The price, quality and reviews are all favourable for the status of the ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill as a mid-range exercise machine, and it bears up well with use. For example it consistently shows has resilience and has a solid frame that keeps in position when running and also comes equipped with a fairly generous run area, which some models in this category sometimes fall down on. Although the treadmill is not considered suitable for professional runners, it still performs very well in it’s class for other types of fitness regimes and from beginner level onwards.

The ZAAP TX5000 Motorised Electric Treadmill also comes with a warranty and the seller can be contacted if any issues arise giving peace of mind about the purchase in the longer term.

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Pros and Cons

  • Robust design

  • Space saving

  • Built-in speakers

  • 3.5mm jack

  • Fixed incline

  • Less suited to high performance

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